Eternals Confirms Batman As Well As Superman Is Now Part Of The MCU

The new movie Eternals was screened in IMAX at the Empire cinema in London's Leicester Square Thursday night. I got the chance to watch the movie with my thirteen-year-old daughter, who has seen all the Marvel movies, rewatched them this summer, and told me quite categorically that she was going to see this one the second I could get her free tickets. She knows the score. But we also had a conversation on the bus about whether there would be a DC Comics/Marvel Comics crossover movie. I pointed out that it was unlikely, given that competing studios own them. She pointed out that Disney bought Fox, I suggested that Disney buying Warners would be a different matter; she pointed out that it was being bundled up for sale by AT&T and who else has the money. I did concede that one way or another, before she dies, they will be desperate enough for cash that, yes, we will get a Marvel/DC movie crossover. But possibly not before I died. So I didn't expect we would be getting one that very night.

Very slight spoilers ahead; Eternals is out on the 5th, so if you want to remain virgin pure, go no further. But this is basically the kind of thing that could have been on a trailer without spoiling anything. And part of it was. But just in case.

Eternals Spoilers
Eternals Spoilers

In promotional trailers for the movie, Esai Daniel Cross playing Jack, son of Phastos, is insistent that Ikaris is Superman, as he's seen him on the TV, flying with laser beams coming out of his eyes. Of course, given the way Eternals establishes that the group inspired legends of characters who look and sound a lot like them, maybe Ikaris was the inspiration for the versions of Joe Siegel and Jerry Shuster, who live in the Marvel Universe? But it doesn't stop there.

Because earlier in the film, we have Harish Patel playing Karun Patel, as the camera-wielding valet to Kingo played by Kumail Nanjianias. And the comparison is made to Alfred, butler to Batman. Establishing that, in the MCU, Batman and Alfred are fictional characters within it. But either way, and solely as fictional characters, Batman, Alfred, and Superman are now, and forever, part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it's all thanks to Eternals. The big question is, of course, will DC follow suit?

Eternals Confirms Batman & Superman Part Of Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel Vs. DC


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