Famuyiwa's Departure Could Slow Down Flash Production, Release Date

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool reported that The Flash director Rick Famuyiwa had left the film due to "creative differences," a phrase in the entertainment business whose definition can range anywhere from minor disagreement to full Josh Trank Fantastic Four style flameout. Now, rumors are swirling around the Hollywood gossip toilet that Famuyiwa's departure may push back production on the film, originally scheduled for early 2017, to Fall, which would also delay the planned March 2018 release date. The news comes via tweets from Variety reporter Justin Kroll, who is missing out on all these sweet pageviews by not posting the news on his website.

clemonsKroll also responded to fears that Iris West actress Kiersey Clemons, who starred in Famuyiwa's 2015 film Dope, could leave the production along with the director. Kroll says that Clemons has a deal in place to play West, however, and adds that she's already filmed a cameo for 2017's Justice League, though that could easily be removed in post-production.

While all this news of creative differences and sudden departures may seem unsettling to fans of the DC Cinematic Universe, comics readers know that this is just an example of the movies trying to stay as true to the source material as possible, as DC Comics has a long and storied history of talent leaving over creative differences on a regular basis.

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