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Did ABC Pull 'Black-ish' Episode over Political "Creative Differences"?
Well, looks like the other shoe has dropped and fans have gotten that answer – it's just not one they're going to be particularly happy with. In an exclusive report posted online by entertainment news site Variety, ABC has indefinitely pulled the once-scheduled February 27 episode 'Please, Baby, Please' over what the network and creator/showrunner Kenya[...]
Famuyiwa's Departure Could Slow Down Flash Production, Release Date
Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool reported that The Flash director Rick Famuyiwa had left the film due to "creative differences," a phrase in the entertainment business whose definition can range anywhere from minor disagreement to full Josh Trank Fantastic Four style flameout. Now, rumors are swirling around the Hollywood gossip toilet that Famuyiwa's departure may push back production on[...]