David Yates Still Set to Direct the Remaining Fantastic Beats Films

The Harry Potter universe is obviously one of the most expansive, with spinoff films, video games, a theme park, and every form of merchandise possible. There have also been some casting changes due to issues outside of production for the Fantastic Beasts films (safe to say we're all very aware already), but it looks like there are still plans for more in the future — and hopefully all courtesy of the same director.

Fantastic Beasts

In a new interview with Collider, while promoting her new film, The World To Come, one of the Fantastic Beasts franchise stars, Katherine Waterson (Alien Covenant), spoke up about the involvement of director David Yates and new casting additions. Waterson tells the publication, "I think he is meant to direct them all. I think it's very interesting. He's worked very closely with J.K. Rowling for a long time, and very few people have access to her because she's quite insulated, and so I can't really imagine how it could work any other way, frankly." Yates has expressed that desire in the past, but being reiterated by one of the stars of the franchise only adds more hope to that notion.

In regards to the casting choice to replace Johnny Depp with Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen for the upcoming third installment of Fantastic Beasts, Waterson goes on, sharing, "You know, I hung out with Mads in Venice. We were there at the same time this summer, and I'd never met him before, and I had a great time with him. He's totally lovely. But that was before he was cast – I think that's right – I think it was just before he was cast, and we don't have anything together in the film, so I don't know what it's like to work with him, unfortunately, but maybe someday we will."

Are you hoping to see Yates helm all five of the proposed Fantastic Beasts films?


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