Five Thoughts For Season 2 Of Legends Of Tomorrow

LegendsLegends of Tomorrow is wrapping up season two in the next few week and there has been some really good things in the series and some not so good. So I started thinking about what I'd like to see in a season two. What things should continue and what things I'd like to see changed. And here are the five things:

1 – The team they have for this season is pretty good, but I think to keep the series fresh they need to mix it up a bit. I think they need to cut half the team moving forward. I'd like to see Captain Cold and Heatwave go back to being rogues in the Flash, so take them off the team. I think without Vandal Savage, Hawkgirl becomes replaceable and I think we could send Firestorm back to the Flash as well. I would bring in Vixen to establish her character more. And I'd like to see three new character introduced. I think the Question would be a great addition in the opposing voice like Snart is now. They would need a new powerhouse… maybe Powergirl, a possible villain and then I'd like them to add Static Shock. Also, it would be interesting to pull a character from the Supergirl series if they could. Also don't be afraid to change the line-up as the season go. Not everyone needs to be from the same time or the same planet.

2 – My biggest complaint with season one is that basically the team spent fifteen episodes failing or get victories but usually in cleaning up the messes they made. I'd like to see season two worked so they have a handful of goals they need to achieve to reach the final outcome instead of just kill someone. The show gets depressing when it's just one failure after the next. They need a few victories to keep things going.

3 – At some point the series needs to bring in Booster Gold. Besides the connection to Rip Hunter, I think this would be a huge shot in the arm for fans. Not as a team member, I think that would be too much unless he replaced The Atom. But in a guest role for an episode or two. I think this is the character that the producer will continue to be asked about until he appears.

4 – I'd like to see that instead of a big bad there is a team they are going up against. Maybe someone has figured out how to eliminate the most powerful heroes in the universe and the Legends team has to stop them. This would bring up some huge potential stories like what if one of the things is that they have make sure Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered that night or keep Barry Allen from getting killed on his way back to Central City on the night of the particle accelerator explosion?

5 – The series did a good job of going places we hadn't expected like Ancient Egypt, the old west, the future and space. But they could do so much more. Imagine the team heading off to a space station where they encounter someone like Adam Strange or even Lobo. Visit Atlantis before the birth of young Arthur Curry. Or how about landing on Paradise Island? They need to keep pushing the boundaries of where the series goes to best utilize a ship that can travel through time and space. And definitely do more with Jonah Hex.

Possible Source: There is no Legends of Tomorrow comic series to pull ideas from, but there was the Super Friends cartoon and the episode where the Legion of Doom went back in time and stopped heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern form ever happening. This is a pretty fun conceit and would allow for the series to expand the universe quite a bit without necessarily hitting on the characters that are off limits because of the movies.

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