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Friday The 13th Lawsuits Continue: Cunningham Sues WB & Paramount

Friday The 13th fans, I can say now that I am pretty sure we may be the furthest away from Jason stalking cinemas again that we have ever been. Sean Cunningham has filed a new lawsuit against WB and Paramount for "net profits from the horror franchise. According to a complaint filed on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the studios distributing the films have "systematically miscounted" contingent compensation." Sigh. This joins the never-ending legal battle between Cunningham and Victor Miller over the rights to the franchise in the first place, which Miller has won. That case is in appeals. To read a really great account of that situation, click here.

Friday The 13th Lawsuits Continue: Cunningham Sues WB & Paramount
Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th Might Never Recover At This Point

Who knows, really, as this stuff can take so long to resolve. At this point, the last Friday The 13th film was 12 years ago next month. In this new suit, going further on it, as reported by THR: " The Friday the 13th franchise has grossed more than $129 million, according to the complaint, but Cunningham says audits revealed there's been improper deductions of fees and bonuses, undervalued licenses, an underreporting of merchandising revenue and pay TV income, and on and on. He also complaints that Paramount and Warner have redacted their "package" license agreements — preventing him from fully understanding the flow of money. He alleges that defendants' "withheld documents would reveal that the Pictures' distribution was structured to inequitably advance the interest of Defendants and favored third parties."

The strength of this license anymore is in the licensing anyway; they don't really NEED another film or show to sell Jason Voorhees merch. It moves itself. The problem is that there is not much they can get done before the rights are resolved on that end as well. NECA revealed a Part 7 figure last year, but we haven't heard or seen anything about it in months. I am not sure that sees the light of day either right now. It would be cool to see Friday The 13th return to the big screen; horror just doesn't feel right without Jason walking around. But at this point, who knows when, or if, we may ever see him again.

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