Lewis Tan Discusses Taking On A New Mortal Kombat Character

Mortal Kombat is a property that always generates excitement within its expansive fandom, and across its history of film, video games, and merchandise, there has always been a solid foundation behind it.

The new Mortal Kombat film was prepping for a theatrical release prior to the pandemic altering the course of box office releases, which has now since shifted to April 23 on the HBO Max streaming service (and select theaters thanks to the success of Godzilla vs Kong!) The soon to be released film stars Lewis Tan, who has made a name for himself in projects like Into the Badlands, and Deadpool 2, and the star also happens to be the son of stunt coordinator Phillip Tan, so getting involved in the action firsthand makes it feel like it's what Tan was destined to do.

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With Tan leading out the new Mortal Kombat as Cole Young, a character fresh to the franchise with stories prepared to be told, and Tan is openly excited to share those tales with the world. In an interview published at Variety, the Mortal Kombat actor explains, "If you're familiar with the game, you know that the game started with only a few characters, and now the game has expanded into a 'Mortal Kombat' universe if you will, and there's over 100 characters. So, in the movie, we wanted to introduce something new and at the same time — [to] give you all the heroes and villains that the fans have grown up with and have that nostalgic kind of connection to.

Tan continues, "Cole Young is an MMA fighter, just down on his luck — ex-champion, kind of helpless when we first meet him. And throughout the film, he expands into looking deeper into who he is and where he's from. In the meantime, through Cole's eyes, you get an experience of seeing the Mortal Kombat universe and meeting all the characters that the fans really love."

It's always important to find new, exciting ways to tell stories about pre-existing properties, so Mortal Kombat building a familiar world from the perspective of a new face gives us hope for the next adaptation of the popular video game franchise. What are your thoughts on following a new protagonist for Mortal Kombat?

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