Logan Brutally Eviscerates Box Office On Road Trip To Estimated $85 Million Domestic, $237 Million Global Opening Weekend


It wasn't just the spleens of his enemies that Logan punctured this weekend. Decapitating the heads of its enemies with razor sharp claws made of box office appeal, Fox's R-Rated final Wolverine film featuring Hugh Jackman topped the box office this weekend, with an expected $85.3 million domestic box office take, according to Variety. An international take of $152.5 million brought the global estimated total to $237 million. Leaping onto the backs of competitors like runner-up Get Out, which brought in another $26.1 million in its second weekend, The Shack, opening with $16.1 million, Lego Batman Movie, which earned $11.6 million, and John Wick 2, which earned $4.7 million, and stabbing them repeatedly in the chest until only a bloody pulp remained, Logan is on track to be one of the biggest R-Rated opening weekends ever for a film not debuting on a holiday weekend.

Despite unwavering sense of cinematic purpose and a heroic word of mouth determination, the age and deterioration of the Wolverine franchise did affect its performance as director James Mangold's Logan failed to come out on top in the struggle with younger, less weathered Deadpool's $132 million opening (Presidents' Day + Valentine's Day combo) weekend last year. Still, the movie's positive reception is likely to keep Logan's legend alive long after its opening weekend star has faded, giving Logan a good chance to dig its claws into the guts of at least the top five X-Men box office takes when the dust settles.

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