Lord Of The Rings: Peter Jackson Almost Killed A Hobbit

The Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings films are almost 20 years old (let that sink in), and yet we are still finding out things about them. After exhaustive releases on home media, countless books and magazines, and tons of online articles and nostalgic look-backs, we now have new info that Jackson wanted to kill a Hobbit. Specifically Dominic Monaghan's Merry. The actor revealed the potential dark twist to the Lord of the Rings saga in a new interview with IGN, where he said the studio and producers tried to force his hand to do it and that he was the one on the chopping block.

Lord Of The Rings: Peter Jackson Almost Killed A Hobbit
Dominic Monaghan as Merry in Lord of the Rings Return of the King. Credit New Line

Lord of the Rings Fans Would Have Rioted

"It's a good job that didn't happen because it would have been me. It definitely would have," Monaghan joked to IGN about which would have died in the Lord of the Rings films. "There's no way they are killing Frodo and Sam, and the only ones that would be left would be Merry and Pippin. They wouldn't kill Pippin because Pippin has a really strong story with Gandalf. It would have definitely been me. I think Pete quite rightly was like, 'This is a luminary piece of written work, and we need to stick close to the text.' So, he stuck by his guns," Monaghan said. "Yeah, I'm thankful that didn't happen."

We all are too, Dom. This reeks of a studio not caring about the source material and just doing whatever they want, and thankfully we have artists who will put their foot down and say absolutely not. Yes, there were some changes made to the books in the adaptations, but I feel like killing one of the Hobbits would have been a step too far for Lord of the Rings fans.

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