Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair Vs Nataly, Tamina: Everyone In This Ring Has A Point To Prove

It sincerely feels like everyone, save for Becky Lynch, comes from a long line of wrestlers in the ring. Tamina, Charlotte Flair, and Nataly all come from wrestling royalty. Last night on WWE SmackDown, these women each gave it everything they had.

Tamina and Becky started things off, and the two were rather brutal with each other. Tamina tried to dominate, but Lynch was unafraid to use her legs to take down Tamina. Off the bat, the women's roster on SD is much more impressive than RAW. These are impressive athletes. Lynch and Flair make an excellent team, and frankly outshine both Tamina and Nataly.

The heels of the match weren't sitting this out, though. They used brute strength to take down Lynch and Flair a few times. Of course, in the midst of this, Lana came out to watch, distracting the talented Flair. Of course the heels won, leaving a battered Flair and Lynch in the ring. I hope this push with Lana goes somewhere, as she is a talented wrestler. For now I feel she's being underused, and I hope that changes in Battleground.

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