Marvel Brings On Yann Demange As The New Director For Blade

When people think of the comic book movies that kicked off the boom we are experiencing right now, many people would think of the original X-Men or the first Spider-Man movie that came out by director Sam Raimi. However, a third movie is part of the 1-2-3 punch that rarely gets the credit it deserves, which is the original Blade. It was released just a mere fourteen months after the release of Batman & Robin, which everyone declared would be the end of comic book movies. It was unapologetically R-rated and successful enough to spawn two more films. It absolutely paved the way for comic book movies, not just R-rated comic book movies, and should be given just as much credit as X-Men and Spider-Man. During San Diego Comic-Con in 2019, Marvel surprised everyone by bringing out the fantastic Mahershala Ali and revealed that he would be playing a new version of the character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, there was a hiccup in the production. In September, the production lost director Bassam Tariq, and on October 11th Marvel shut down the production for the film and moved the release date from November 3, 2023, to September 6, 2024. Today, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Yann Demange has been brought on to direct, with Michael Starrbury brought on to write a new script.

Marvel Brings On Yann Demange As Th
Editorial credit: Yann Demange at the "White Boy Rick" screening at the Picturehouse Central, London. Featureflash Photo Agency /

Will Blade Be R-Rated? Does It Even Matter?

Details about the production are being kept under wraps for now. Still, one thing that people have been incredibly annoying about is whether or not this movie is going to be R-rated. While it isn't confirmed whether or not the movie will be R-rated, the report does say that they want the movie to be "dark and gritty in tone, falling on the edgier side of Marvel fare and maybe even find common shading with the fondly-remembered Blade movies made in the early 2000s by New Line." That sounds like they are leaning into the R-rating, but a friendly reminder that an R-rating isn't needed for the movie to be good. You can get away with quite a lot in a PG-13 if you go about it the right way. Demange began work in TV and worked on the fantastic Lovecraft County, which, if you have not watched it, watch it immediately. He has also directed the films '71 and White Boy Rick. He is currently executive producing and directing a series take on David Cronenberg's Scanners for HBO Max. Blade is set to start production in Atlanta in early 2023.

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