Marvel's Iron Fist… The Lost Little Boy


I've taken in another four episodes, putting me at the beginning of episode 9, and thought I would share my thoughts again. This could be called Enter: Claire, because episode five is when we first get to see Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), who brings an amazing strength to each of the Netflix series she has appeared in. As we learn how the bad guys in the series are… and if you are avoiding spoilers, you shouldn't be reading this anyway… but it's not much of a spoiler that it's The Hand. There is a moment in the series where Claire points out that she has more practical experience fighting the Hand from Marvel's Daredevil season 2 than the person trained to defeat them. I like that irony.

We still don't know why Danny Rand (Finn Jones) has left K'un L'un and in truth, neither does Danny. But he is filled with anger and pain over his parents death even after fifteen years. There are moments when he seems to be fighting himself as much as anyone else. He is definitely not the mystical know-it-all, but rather a guy who is good at fighting but can easily be manipulated and still very naive. He is far too trusting and that is used against him multiple times. But he's also a person of honor and that honor may be in conflict with his duty.

Colleen Wing (Jessica Henswick) continues to grow as a character, pushing to make her life mean something and when it seems like she's in way over her head, she still stands beside Danny no matter what the odds. The relationship between Danny and Colleen didn't make a lot of sense at first, but as the series progresses, we see why she comes to believe in him.

The Meachums on the other hand have become an absolute train wreck in a fun way to watch. Ward (Tom Pelphrey) starts going all Lady MacBeth while Joy (Jessica Stroup) continues to find new length she is willing to go to save her family and company. In truth, the show if filled with some very strong women and some really messed up guys. Harold (David Wenham) on the other hand continues to show that he is willing to do anything… well, until… you'll see.

We get more of Danny fighting and each is a very different style of fight. Like the Martial Arts movies of the 70s, his opponents are masters of various styles of martial arts and each give Danny quiet a bit of trouble. I particularly liked the Drunken Master fight.

At this point in the series, things have taken a darker turn. The Hand seem to be in control and Danny is just fighting because he doesn't know what else to do. But the questions remain of why he is fighting, why he came back to New York and why he left his post as the Iron Fist. Five episodes more to figure it out and for Danny to become something more than the little lost boy.

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