Marvel's Kevin Feige Dominates Richard Donner Tribute With 53% Of Total Talk Time Over DC's Geoff Johns


One of the biggest problems with the comic book community is the perpetual need to turn everything, even the most benign of interactions, into fuel for the ridiculous war between rivals Marvel and DC. Personally, we wish that people would stop giving credence to these ridiculous rumors and accept that not everything has to be about how one company is better than the other, and it would probably help if the media stopped sensationalizing every time someone from one of the two companies mentions the other.

But it's hard to avoid when it's this blatant.

In a tribute to Superman director Richard Donner at the film academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater earlier this week, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff "Jeff" Johns, who are reportedly real life friends who got their start in the film business together while working for Donner back in the day, got together to pay tribute to the legendary director. However, even under these joyous circumstances, the pair weren't able to leave their corporate issues at the door.

As we're sure you noticed, Feige spoke for a full one minute and forty-four seconds of the three minute and seventeen second video, leaving Johns with a paltry forty-seven percent of the speaking time in what can only possibly be interpreted as a purposeful demonstration of which superhero company is more important.

With hostilities this vicious and open, it isn't hard to see why fans have latched on to this age-old rivalry.

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