Michael Fassbender Wants Assassin's Creed To Be A Trilogy


Assassin's Creed is probably the last 'big' film yet to come this year, at least for those in the US. The game-come film has had a somewhat unsure marketing campaign around it, but I remain hopeful that the talent on board come through to create something good.

It seems Michael Fassbender wants that too, and still has enthusiasm for the series since its completion. Speaking to Cinema Blend, the actor/producer on the film said that he wants the film to end up being a trilogy, and there are ideas of where to go after this.

This is the sort of origin of his story. We have an idea of where he's going to go over the next two films. We kind of did a three-film arc. We'll wait and see how people respond to this, but for sure, we have an idea of where he's going to go next.

Going to different time periods could be really fun, and hopefully the film has enough going for it to warrent those.