Nerd Food: Run To Dairy Queen And Get Yourself A Guardians Of The Galaxy Blizzard Right Now


I love Dairy Queen, but when it comes to their Blizzards, the only flavor I have ever enjoyed is the M&M one. So it was with both excitement and nervousness that I ordered one of their Guardians Awesome Mix Blizzards, and let me tell you, I can eat one of these things every single day.


This thing even appeals to the collector in us, as DQ has five collectors cups right now as well depending on what size Blizzard you order. These are just their regular cups with Guardians pictures on them, but as an avid collector of food tie-ins and things of that nature, they are must-gets. I got a small, and got the Gamora cup. They have a pint-size as well, that I am sure you can guess who is on that one…


The Blizzard itself is made up of chocolate chunks, caramel pieces, and mini-brookies. What is a brookie you ask? A brookie is a cookie and brownie cooked together. All of that is mixed with their vanilla soft-serve. One thing I will say right off the bat is that this one didn't have quite enough caramel pieces, and as a fan of those that was a slight disappointment. Other than that: I have a new favorite Blizzard. The brookies were delicious, not too rich as the cookie part blends really well with the brownie. The chocolate chunks were plentiful and huge. Get it all in one bite and you will be dancing like Groot during the opening credits of the film.

The only crummy part of all of this would be that it is only available during the month of May (it's their flavor of the month). So, basically get your butts to a DQ and eat this thing. Maybe if they sell enough it can stay around.

Need to find the Dairy Queen closest to you? Try their location finder via their corporate website.

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