Miley Cyrus Kicks Asses And Takes Classes In New Poster And Trailer For So Undercover

With a confirmed release date of December 7th, we have some new material to share for the latest Miley Cyrus teen movie, So Undercover, starting with the startlingly pink-tinted poster seen above. The film was directed by Tom Vaughan, who also brought us comedies Starter For Ten and What Happens in Vegas, with a script by Allan Loeb and Steven Pearl.

Aside from Miss Cyrus, the crowd-pulling names on the poster are Kelly Osbourne as a sorority sister, Entourage's Jeremy Piven as a gruff FBI boss who gives private detective Miley her first government assignment, and British actor Joshua Bowman as the tousled love interest.

Based on what we see in the trailer, the story seems to borrow very heavily from the likes of Miss Congeniality. There is a "makeover" scene in which Miley is transformed from a hideous troll with plaid shirts and unhighlighted hair into … Well, into Miley Cyrus. Apparently in American colleges there is a minimum level of beauty and grooming required before applicants are accepted. We have a similar policy here at Bleeding Cool.

If those plot details don't satisfy, here's the official synopsis.

Miley Cyrus stars as MOLLY, a private investigator who chose to leave high school to work with her father (Mike O'Malley), a former police officer. Together their days are filled with busting cheating spouses and taking down petty thieves. However, her life unexpectedly changes when she is approached by an FBI agent (Jeremy Piven) to go undercover in the one place they're unable to infiltrate – and a world she knows nothing about… A university sorority.

During a major makeover, Molly physically transforms herself from the tough, streetwise investigator, to a very affluent sorority girl BROOKE STONEBRIDGE. However, Molly also has to learn how to "walk the walk" and "talk the talk" to keep her cover for her mission: protect the life of sorority sister ALEX PATRONE (Lauren McKnight) whose father plans to testify against some very dangerous people.

Surveillance proves nearly impossible for outsider Molly, who struggles to adjust to university culture, her new friends, and her new assignment, which includes NICHOLAS (Josh Bowman) – a strong, self confident guy who may have taken a piece of Molly's heart, if only he weren't possibly the hit man in disguise.

With multiple suspects on her list and the trial fast approaching, Molly must navigate a minefield of double crosses as well as the pageantry and chaos of a sorority sister's social life. Through her journey, Molly must protect Alex while discovering that not everyone is who he or she appears to be – including herself.