Mondo Releasing Gorgeous Mary Poppins Returns Poster Tomorrow

Mondo always has my attention, but tomorrow they will have my money for sure. Going on sale tomorrow at Noon EST on The Drop is a brand new poster for Mary Poppins Returns by artist Jack Hughes. It features Emily Blunt front and center, full of color in a world of gray. Hughes could not have done a better job capturing what Disney and Blunt accomplished with that film, and how Mary Poppins brings color and joy to us all. Check it out down below, and see what Hughes had to say about the poster's creation.

Mondo Releasing A Gorgeous Mary Poppins Returns Poster Tomorrow
Mary Poppins Returns Poster

Mary Poppins Returns Is Fantastic

"As a born and bred Londoner, I looked to my city for inspiration. Sadly, the chicken bone-littered streets of Shoreditch offer a different type of charm when compared to the blossom-filled cobblestones of Kensington and Chelsea. One of my favourite aspects of the sequel was seeing 1930s London at the height of art deco. Instead of taking inspiration from the city, I researched 1930s posters. None felt appropriate to the movie and faithful to my style. I suddenly realised that one of my favourite illustrators, René Gruau, was working as a professional illustrator in the 1930s. One illustration in particular, a cover for Adam magazine, caught my eye. Featuring a crowd of stylish people about their daily business, a glamorously dressed woman dominates the middle ground.

From that inspiration, I set to capture London in the 1930s with a subtle suggestion to the magic we've come to know and love from Mary Poppins."

This movie is so underrated, sure it made money when it came out a few Christmases ago, but Blunt is a revelation in it, and the positive message they leave you with is so important to the world right now. You can add this Mary Poppins Returns poster you your collection tomorrow here.

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