Morbius: Jared Leto Didn't Go Method, Since He Is An Actual Vampire

Morbius has the look of the Marvel movies of the early 2000s from the trailer we have seen, and I don't say that as a bad thing. Stylized films like Daredevil and Ghost Rider play up the camp and drama to laughable levels for some, but I always found it entertaining. The second Jared Leto was cast in the role, this is the direction I was hoping they would go, and it looks like I may have gotten my wish. Known for his method acting to…well disturbing levels, it sounds like, from a new chat with Variety, that he didn't really have to do that to play Morbius.

Jared Leto Compares Morbius to Jekyll and Hyde
Jared Leto in Morbius (2021). Credit: Sony Pictures

Morbius Shows That Jared Leto Is, In Fact, A Vampire

He starts off talking a bit about the part and the classic nature of the story: "It's a big, fun movie filled with action," Leto says. "It's a brilliant doctor, a researcher, who starts off trying to find a cure for a very rare disease that he has and about 1,000 other people in the world have. I was interested in this role because he goes on this journey from dying to finding a cure for this disease and becoming incredibly healthy, and then having things change in a way that he becomes monstrous. So, it's a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde, which is, of course, a classic role."

But then, the real good stuff. It sounds like he is less Jared Leto: ACTOR! in this and more Jared Leto: The Actual Vampire: "It was hard for me in some way, because I'm not used to playing roles that are a little bit closer to who I am, day in and day out," Leto says. "Dr. Michael Morbius is a little closer to the way that I talk and the way that I behave."

There you go, folks, straight from the man himself. He is an actual vampire. Does that make the film a documentary?

Morbius, directed by Daniel Espinosa, stars Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal, and Tyrese Gibson. It will be released on January 21, 2022.

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