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But also not a name for someone who has hidden in the shadows and may have more familiar names on her books. The Rhino, the Lizard and Morbius, all bein credited to her research, then stolen by others Naughty naughty Dr Curt Conners But it appears we have one more to add to the list. Is Madam[...]
Marvel's Midnight Suns Releases All-New Morbius DLC
2K Games and Marvel Entertainment have released new DLC content for Marvel's Midnight Suns as The Hunger DLC brings Morbius to the game Everyone's favorite weirdly mutated vampire from the Spider-Man universe comes in with a world of fury, looking to make a major difference in how you manage to work as a team in[...]
Tron 3 Is A Go At Disney, And Will Star Morbius Himself, Jared Leto
Morbius himself, Jared Leto, who has been championing this project for years at this point, will star He himself also has Disney work in the bag, as he filmed a role for this year's Haunted Mansion film No word on if anyone from Tron: Legacy will be back or if the story threads will be[...]
It’s Morbin Time with LEGO’s New Spider-Man Vs. Morbius Set
Coming in at only 220 pieces, Miles Morales is in a high speed pursuit of the Living Vampire Morbius Build a brand new Spider-Mobile for Miles Morales featuring red and black design just like his costume This updated ride features two stud shooters as well as booster options to stop any high-speed villains It looks[...]
It's Morbin Time as Hot Toys Unveils 1/6 Scale Morbius Figure
Morbius has arrived from the "record breaking" Sony Pictures film, starring Jared Leto as Hot Toys newest Marvel 1/6 figure All jokes aside, this figure seems like an odd choice for Hot Toys to make, but who knew the film was going to be that bad nor the fallout of the film Besides the silly[...]
Venom 3 Script Might Be Done, Might Be Last One?
Whoever drew that Venom head has mad skills. Credit Tom Hardy's Instagram Venom 3 Should Be A Morbius Crossover We have no idea if this means the script is done, or if they took a week drawing that cute little Venom face and that's all, or anything else All this confirms is that work has begun on the[...]
Sonic the Hedgehog 2: On Bringing In Other Elements From The Games
All Right Reserved. Sonic 2 Was Always Going To Be Number One Last week's champ Morbius had an expected huge -74% drop, to $10.2 million, as bad word of mouth spread quickly It is over $100 million worldwide, however Third place went to The Lost City with $9.1 million, and the weekend's other big opener, Ambulance from[...]
Morbius: 7 High-Quality Images and 1 Behind-the-Scenes Image
The reviews for Morbius might have been a five-alarm disaster last weekend, but people went out and saw it, and the movie passed $100 million at the worldwide box office today It's not quite enough to say that the film is a complete hit, but it's certainly not the complete flop that everyone thought it would[...]
Morbius: 7 High-Quality Images and 1 Behind-the-Scenes Image
Morbius did indeed win the weekend box office, grossing $39.1 million, falling short of the expected $40-50 million range most were forecasting after Thursday's $5.7 million in previews It looks like word of mouth is more deadly than a stake through the heart, as its grosses dropped through the weekend pretty quickly Morbius averaged a[...]
New Morbius Poster Along With 4 Behind-The-Scenes Images
Morbius is now in theaters, and he had a decent night at the movies Thursday "Preview" showings began Thursday, and the Living Vampire scored $5.7 million, putting it in the range of around $40 million for the opening weekend That is if word of mouth and reviews do not sink it fast, as it has[...]
Morbius Sucks, But You Already Knew That {Review}
Morbius is a terrible film, from start to an abrupt finish Only making matters worse is the worst set of after-credits scenes that show why this film even exists in the first place: as an excuse to try and build a world that nobody is asking for Morbius lets you down at every turn, save[...]
New Morbius Poster Along With 4 Behind-The-Scenes Images
Morbius is a movie Sony has been trying to make since the early 2000s, and the film being released in 2022 feels like a relic from that early 2000s era of superhero movies, and not in a good way. Director: Daniel Espinosa Summary: Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he[...]
Giant-Size Super-Heroes #1 (Marvel, 1974) featuring Spider-Man, Morbius and Man-Wolf.
Giant-Size Super-Heroes #1 featuring Spider-Man also features not one but two Marvel spins on classic horror monsters.  1974 was peak Marvel horror overall, and that year alone included the likes of Chamber of Chills, Creatures on the Loose, Crypt of Shadows, Dead of Night, Dracula Lives, Fear, Frankenstein, Man-Thing, Haunt of Horror, Monsters on the[...]
Morbius: Does Spider-Man Exists In This World, New Image and Vignette
Then we have Morbius and we know Spider-Man exists in that world because we saw him in the background in a poster However, we also saw Michael Keaton, so is this the Marvel Cinematic Universe? CinemaBlend decided to just straight up ask director Daniel Espinosa if this version of New York already contains a Spider-Man as the[...]
Morbius: 7 High-Quality Images and 1 Behind-the-Scenes Image
So when it was announced that Leto would be taking on the role of Michael Morbius, better known as Morbius, the Living Vampire from Marvel Comics, there was always the chance that he was going to get super meta on set He didn't actually drink blood, which is good to hear, but he did get[...]
Morbius: 7 High-Quality Images and 1 Behind-the-Scenes Image
For as long as Sony has been trying to make a Morbius movie, it's amazing that it looks like the film will happen This movie has been in varying stages of development that vampires have gone in and out of trend more than once Sony is leaning into their Marvel movies in the coming years[...]
Morbius: 7 High-Quality Images and 1 Behind-the-Scenes Image
Sony Pictures has been trying to make Morbius happen for as long as they have been trying to make Marvel movies happen and it looks like they are finally going to get the chance to see if they can stick the landing When Sony first got their hands on the licensing for Marvel characters in[...]
Morbius: 7 High-Quality Images and 1 Behind-the-Scenes Image
Morbius has had quite a hard time getting to the big screen, and it looks like it's finally happening this time in April This is a movie that began early development in as early as 2000, which is just a bonkers insane long time for a film to make it to the big screen It[...]
New Morbius Poster Along With 4 Behind-The-Scenes Images
Sony released the first Morbius Trailer in January 2020, and to say that seems like a lifetime ago might just be an understatement to most of us.  But after several release date changes, that April 1 premiere date for the film is finally getting close, and while there hasn't been a lot of noise out[...]
Morbius has had a bit of a hard time making it to the big screen It's one of those projects that Sony has been talking about making for years, and when it finally got off of the ground, the pandemic came and forced Morbius to get delayed again and again The most recent delay sent[...]
New Morbius Poster Along With 4 Behind-The-Scenes Images
Morbius has had a bit of a hard time making it to the big screen It's one of those projects that Sony has been talking about making for years, and when it finally got off of the ground, the pandemic came and forced Morbius to get delayed again and again The most recent delay sent[...]
Morbius Turns Into A Bat And Flies Away From January to April 2022
It seems that not even the promising box office returns are enough to give Sony Pictures confidence that Morbius can find a place at the box office The latest COVID-19 variant is completely out of control in the United States right now, so the last thing everyone should be doing is going to the movies, and[...]
IDW To Publish Gil Kane's Artisan Edition Of Amazing Spider-Man
Though a little after the Morbius movie release from Sony Here is the IDW description; IDW proudly presents GIL KANE'S THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: ARTIST'S EDITION, collecting issues 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102 and 121 Eight incredible Spider-Man stories, including some of the very best comics the wall crawler has ever appeared in: the infamous[...]
Morbius: Watch A Three Minute Clip From The Film + A New Poster
Morbius has a new three-minute clip out In the scene, Dr Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) undergoes an experimental treatment for a rare blood disorder when things start to go haywire This film is directed by Daniel Espinosa, and with Leto stars Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal, and Tyrese Gibson. This is set in the Sony[...]
Jared Leto Compares Morbius to Jekyll and Hyde
There's a lot packed into three minutes and nine seconds in the new Morbius trailer just released by Sony We see Jared Leto's Michael Morbius's transformation into a living vampire and a run-down of his various powers.  It's all solidly done and has me looking forward to the film, but the thing that will have[...]
Sony Pictures Dates Two Unknown Marvel Movies for 2023
Kraven the Hunter is already dated for January 13, 2023, and Morbius is still hanging onto its January 28, 2022 slot. Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) looks on at Spider-Man in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME PHOTO BY: Matt Kennedy ©2021 CTMG All Rights Reserved MARVEL and all related character names: © & ™ 2021 MARVEL So[...]
Fear #24 Morbius the Living Vampire
For a brief moment in the mid-1970s, Morbius the Living Vampire seemed to be on the cusp of becoming a major Marvel character.  After his late-1971 debut in Amazing Spider-Man #101, the character made a handful of guest appearances followed by not one but two simultaneous regular solo features, in the black and white magazine[...]
CinemaCon: Sony Presentation Gives First-Look of Uncarted & More
Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment Another big movie that Sony showed off new footage for is Morbius. While that first trailer that came out a year ago really focused on the lead-up to Morbius becoming the Living Vampire, this new footage focused a lot more on the monster himself We see the monster version of Morbius and full-on shots[...]
Jared Leto Compares Morbius to Jekyll and Hyde
Morbius is going to be pretty hungry by the time he finally debuts in theaters Completed but delayed quite a few times now, the film is now delayed yet again by one week, from January 21st, 2022 to January 28th, 2022 Sony keeps doing this for some reason; they also announced that Venom: Let There[...]
Morbius The Living Vampire Arrives at Mezco Toyz
The upcoming Sony film Morbius might be delayed, but fans of the Spider-Man villain are in for a real treat with Mezco Toyz The company has unveiled their newest One: 12 Collective Marvel Comics figure dives into the realm of the dark with Morbius "The Living Vampire." Standing roughly 6.7" tall, the figure will have[...]