Competing Fan Petition Demands All Joss Whedon Cut of Justice League

Following the fan petition demanding a cut of Justice League restoring Zack Snyder's original vision, one brave fan has started a new petition on asking Warner Bros. to release a cut of Justice League that has more Joss Whedon instead of less.

Alleged fake feminist Whedon was brought on to replace Snyder after Snyder had to leave the film due to family tragedy, but with Justice League a critical bomb which underperformed at the box office and seems unlikely to make a profit, fans have been placing blame on Whedon and Warner Bros. for neutering the vision Snyder brought to films like Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with Whedon's humor.

The new petition lays out its case:

Everyone who saw Justice league can attest to the sheer genius that Joss Whedon brought to the movie. If he had been allowed to bring his entire vision to the screen, the movie would have been that much better. Examples of his touches include "Booya" as uttered by cyborg and the now classic line "My man" that has now become a battle cry by fishermen the world over after Aquaman showed he could speak to fish AND quip at the same time. Let's make it happen. Join me and together we can see the rest of the mustachioed footage left on the cutting room floor.

As of press time, the petition has only one signature, from the man who started it, so it has a long way to go to catch up with the 152,000 signature head start for Zack Snyder. However, unlike many of the signatures on the Zack Snyder petition, we're pretty sure Thomas Martha from Atlantis, Florida is a real person.

Head over to to sign the petition if you want to see more of what Joss Whedon brought to Justice League.

Joss Whedon
Joss Whedon in 2012. Credit: Kathy Hutchins /

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