Queenpins Is A Comedy Worth Seeking Out On Paramount+

Queenpins recently came to Paramount+ and in select theaters, and it is worth a watch. Starring Kristen Bell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Paul Walter Hauser, Vince Vaughn, and Bebe Rexha and based on a true story about two women who become multi-millionaires reselling coupons through the mail. While it deviates a bit from the real story, the bones are still there, and directors Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly do a great job of not only explaining how this scheme works but keep it entertaining throughout. A weird deviation into toilet humor aside, this is a well-crafted and fast-moving little film that deserves more eyes.

Seek Out Queenpins

Queenpins just hits different for some folk for sure. Quick personal aside: I felt this movie in my bones. When my little family was starting out a decade ago, we were dirt poor. I had been laid off, and my partner was pregnant and not working towards the end of her pregnancy. One day, we were watching TV and came across the old show Extreme Couponing, and she became hooked. Not unlike Kristen Bell's character in the film, we had a giant stockpile that we paid next to nothing for, all with the help of coupons. We didn't do it for the same reasons the two women in the film do, but the struggle was very real, and let me tell you, the rush you get from couponing is a real thing.

Queenpins Is Worth Seeking Out On Paramount+
Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste in Queenpins. Credit STX Films

The entire cast is great in this film, and you can tell they had a ton of fun making it. Paul Walter Hauser is especially great. In someone else's hands, he would have been a buffoon. But Hauser leans into the curmudgeonly personality of this guy, and both comedically and story-wise, it works beautifully. He goes toe to toe with Vince Vaughn and steals their scenes together. Not many can say that. The same great chemistry is there between Bell and Howell-Baptiste as well; you completely buy their friendship in about five seconds. Someone has to win and lose in a film like this, but you root for everyone, and that is on the strength or the script by Gaudet and Pullapilly, and performances from the ensemble.

Queenpins Is Worth Seeking Out On Paramount+
Paul Walter Hauser and Vince Vaughn in Queenpins. Credit STX FIlms

You might see ads for Queenpins all over the place, especially if you use a Firestick (my god, they are everywhere on there). Do yourself a favor this weekend and click it. You won't be sad that you did.

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