New Report Suggests Bond 25 Will Miss Its 2019 Release Date

It's been kind of a hectic week for the James Bond franchise. After months of waiting for a director, Danny Boyle was finally confirmed to direct the 25th Bond movie, currently untitled, back in March.

Now, a mere few months away from shooting, Boyle walked away from the project over "creative differences". There have been some rumors suggesting why he might have walked away, but no one was really commenting on it.

New Report Suggests Bond 25 Will Miss Its 2019 Release Date

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources say that Bond 25 will miss its November 8th, 2019 release date. Production was set to begin for the movie, with Boyle at the helm, in early December. One of the stipulations for Boyle coming on was bringing on his writing partner John Hodge to pen the script.

Now that Boyle is gone and issues with that script and the producers are rumored to be one of the reasons Boyle left, that script is probably going to be thrown out. Whoever they bring in is going to need to do their own pre-production, not to mention putting their own spin on the script — and as many failed projects have shown us, nothing good comes from making someone write a script in a matter of weeks.

The Hollywood Reporter suggests that this move isn't even that big of a surprise and they were thinking of moving the movie, perhaps to early 2020, before Boyle left the project. The Bond movies have notoriously long shoots, and post-production and a year to shoot and edit isn't that long for a movie that could take months to film.

There doesn't appear to be any competition on that date in particular, but the month isn't exactly empty. Wonder Woman 1984 opens the week before on November 1st. On November 15th the Sonic the Hedgehog adaptation comes out, followed by Terminator 6 and an untitled Fox/Marvel film on the 22nd. Then Disney stomps in to take all of the money with Frozen 2 on the 27th. Maybe pushing to early in 2020, February or March maybe, is a good idea. There's less competition during those months. Usually.

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