Rupert Grint Hoped to Branch Out While Filming Harry Potter

If we learned anything from successful franchises, it's that actors eventually want out.

Sure, that's not necessarily the case for every big-name actor in a popular franchise, but there's plenty to choose from as examples. You look at any DC/Marvel project, Hunger Games, Twilight film, etc., and sooner or later, someone wants out.

Whether it's a result of feeling stagnant in a role, being unhappy with circumstances, or just looking for a new challenge, growing tired of a franchise seems to almost be a right of passage (looking at you, Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men.) The Harry Potter cast has often shared their joy over working together on a massively beloved universe, but that doesn't exactly mean the experience was an all-around pleasure.

Rupert Grint Hoped to Branch Out While Filming Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) Poster. Credit: Warner Bros.

In a recent interview with the podcast Armchair Expert, Harry Potter star Ruper Grint (the unforgettable Ron Weasley) spoke out about his perception of the experience. Grunt tells the podcast, "There was definitely a time where it felt quite suffocating. It was heavy going every day for ten years in the end… It was a great experience, such a nice family atmosphere. It was a great place to be, but sometimes it definitely felt like, 'I wanna do something else,' See what else is out there."

As much as people get frustrated when there seems to be that dread surrounding a franchise roll, who hasn't had a job that, despite the perks just didn't feel like it was the right space for you. Regardless, Grint went on to portray the role of Weasley as an irreplaceable staple, and his character was a major piece of the film series' success.

Though the main trio has all expressed some regret over their Harry Potter days, the cast has managed to show their creativity in other roles and Grint's current project being Servant on Apple TV.

Are you at all surprised about Grint's feelings for Harry Potter?

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