Splash Mountain At Disney World Evacuated – Why Can't I Be So Lucky?

I've been to Disney World more times than I care to share. I've had rides stop mid-ride, but as of yet I have not been evacuated from a ride. I would like to be able to see something at Disney I wasn't supposed to see — and oh, the photo opportunities. Seriously, I am envious of people who get that chance. I've also been on Splash Mountain At Disney World a handful of times, and let me tell you, it's a great ride. Well, Tom Corless at WDW News Today had one such bit of luck, where he got stuck on Splash Mountain. According to Tom, a guest had slipped out from the lock bar and exited the ride. When the ride officially stopped, more people were ignoring safety regulations and exiting, as well.

Splash Mountain At Disney World

Now, I shouldn't have to tell any of you this, but if you exit a ride during its operation at any theme park, your chances of becoming injured or dying shoots up around 100%. Granted, that number may be exaggerated, but if you're spending $100+ a day at the worlds busiest theme park and you want to act like a damn idiot, I have no sympathy for you if an animatronic attacks you.

Thankfully, most people were led out to safety without a scratch — but come on. Don't ruin the fun for other people because you're doing it for the Vine or whatever it is kids these days do. The attractions at Disney World are going to keep getting cooler, so use common sense. Especially with Splash Mountain At Disney World, where you can very easily slip on water and possibly plummet to your doom.

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