Star Wars Battlefront II Is The First To Spoil Something From The Last Jedi


Whenever anything Star Wars is found the internet reacts accordingly. As much as Lucasfilm would like to keep things under wraps until the film comes out, their media partners are the ones who usually end up spoiling things, whether it is a toy reveal, a book spoiler, or in this case, an advertisement for a video game.

In an advertisement found from Gamestop in Ireland, we get a glimpse of what Rey and Kylo Ren will look like in Episode 8. The photos are being called "movie production stills". So what can we gleam from this? Kylo looks to be spending less time with a helmet on, which makes sense since we saw it destroyed and in pieces during The Last Jedi trailer from a couple weeks ago. A noticeable addition is also a long flowing cape, maybe a nod to his grandfather Darth Vader? I don't buy into the speculation going around that it is Vader's cape itself, but a tribute – now that I can buy.

Rey's new look is where things get most interesting. Her new outfit looks to be a cool hybrid of her Jakku look, Luke Skywalker's Jedi robes from the end of Force Awakens, and a little bit of Qui-Gon Jinn thrown in for good measure. The move to make her look more like a Jedi was to be expected, but I love this look. Weirdly, it almost also reminds me a bit of Starkiller's look from The Force Unleashed video games a bit as well. If she is to be the last Jedi, then at least they are going out with style.

As with anything Star Wars, this will be analyzed to death in think pieces and podcasts and all sorts of things. Really what it boils down to is this: these characters are great, and they look awesome, and in December hopefully the film follows suit.

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