Ever Wonder How Much Star Wars Ships Would Cost to Insure? Insure the Gap is Here to Tell Us

Star Wars has to be the all-time hypothetical-question film franchise of all time. We fans have spent decades shouting at each other about everything from, "Are the human characters actually human?" to the famous Clerks scene down below:

So with that in mind, Insure the Gap was sitting around and decided they wanted to know what it would cost to insure various vehicles in the Star Wars galaxy. They even came up with profiles on how to calculate the costs:

We started off researching each of our eight chosen vehicles so that we could create a 'profile' – much like our own systems do. Our profiles were generated by considering normal things such as weight and size, as well as some factors which we had to use some artistic license to assign values to, such as maximum speed in atmosphere.

Luckily, fans from all over regularly contribute to databases by compiling insights gleaned from the movies themselves and from the wealth of official books, fan fictions, publicity materials, and toys.

When it comes to insurance, there's two main things to consider: what and who. We'd worked out our what, now it was time for who. Creating profiles for each of our eight pilots (or owners) was actually easier than the vehicles because there's less categories to consider and more information can be gathered through educated guesses.

The only issue we had was working out what to do when we simply could not find a certain piece of information. When this happened – as it did with Sebulba's age, for example – we simply assigned the top-level weighting to this element – the cost of which hopefully covers any risk associated with the unknown.

Once we'd worked out our vehicle and character profiles, we could create an algorithm to generate a price to insure the vehicle for a year. One Galactic Credit is worth roughly $0.50 (~£0.37) – giving us the ability to convert our generated costs into something a little more… Earthly.

Man, I have to get myself a landspeeder. It's interesting that the Corvette costs the most. The best bargain by far is the Sail Barge. But there could be some phony numbers going on there. It is Jabba, after all. I wonder how changing out pilots affects everything, as well. Would Leia pay more to pilot an x-wing? What about the other pod racers? Is Anakin even insurable? Why would Boba Fett even pay insurance?

This was an interesting experiment. Just more things for fans to argue about. Check out more here.

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