The Six Important Moments From Arrow – My Name Is Oliver Queen

*** This article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Arrow ***


Well… that happened. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim said this week that the season finale for Arrow would feel like a series finale. He was right. So many things were wrapped up that it feels like the show was not renewed. But it was. And now we have to wait four or five months to see what happens next. So lets go over the important moments from My Name Is Oliver Queen.

1) The first thing that had to be addressed was most of Team Arrow dying in Nanda Parbat. Turns out there was a plan in place that involved Malcolm Merlyn inoculating them all against the virus. Which left them alive but locked in a dungeon. Until the thunder comes in the form of the Flash. He takes out the league rather easily, even stopping to comment about them having a hot tub (Lazarus Pit) before breaking everyone out and giving them encouraging words.

2) Meanwhile Al Sah-Him, his new father-in-law Ra's al Ghul and his wife Nyssa are flying to Starling City… except the plan has been sabotaged. Ra's blames his daughter, but when his new heir takes credit, Ra's is more than a little disappointed. He tries remind Al Sah-Him that he's the heir to the demon… to which he gets the reply: "My Name Is Oliver Queen". This leads to a brief fight and Ra's leaping out with the only parachute (seriously? Only 1 shoot for a plane with 8 people on it?). This forces Oliver Queen and Nyssa to crash land the plane.

3) Everyone meets back at Palmer Technologies to which Oliver doesn't get a warm welcome. Actually, he gets punched in the face by John Diggle. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity Smoak have a chat where Felicity asks him how he expected to make everything he did okay. Turns out he didn't. He fully expected to die in the plane. (Oliver doesn't get to make the plans anymore.) They agree to work together to stop Ra's but their first plan to find Damien Darhk doesn't work. (Again, Oliver's plan.)

Side Note: Laurel Lance is sent to get her father, Captain Quentin Lance, to mobilize the police force. this leads to the best line of the episode: "The city is in danger, it must be May."

4) The team breaks into four to try and stop the four couriers of death that Ra's has sent out with the virus. Felicity is coordinating while Ray Palmer works on getting his nanites to spread the vaccine. Diggle confronts one of the couriers but is losing until Thea Queen arrives in Arsenal's old costume and shoots the guy with arrows. He slits his own throat releasing the virus. Merlyn kills another while Black Canary and Nyssa take out a third. I don't remember what happened to the fourth one. Or maybe the show forgot him.

5) Oliver faces off against Ra's on the top of a dam. The two fight it out while police snipers watch waiting for a clear shot. Lance tells them to stand down but the won't listen, so he calls Felicity. She begs Ray to go help Oliver, but he chooses to continue working on the nanites to save the city rather than just one life, saying Oliver would make the same choice. Though it appears Ra's has the upper hand, Oliver turns the table on him and runs him through with his own sword. Ra's, knowing he is dying, passes on his ring to the new Ra's al Ghul. Then the police open fire, shooting Oliver off the dam. Not to worry though, the Atom suit swoops in and saves him… then in a 'Pepper Potts' style moment it's revealed that Felicity is inside the suit.

6) Ra's is dead, the city is saved. Oliver sees that the city is well protected by The Atom, Black Canary, Diggle and Speedy / Red Arrow… so he can choose to be Oliver Queen instead of the Arrow and he can get the girl. Diggle leaves, but Oliver stops him and tells him that he has been not only the city's rock, but his rock. Diggle agrees to think it over and might even find a way to conceal his identity. Oliver than completes his deal with Malcolm, turning over Ra's ring. Since Merlyn was tortured by Ra's sword and then released… he survived the sword and now has the ring making him the new Ra's al Ghul and head of the League of Assassins with all including Nyssa bowing before him. Nice little twist there. And Oliver and Felicity drive off to the coast in a convertible.

Bonus) Oh, and for those of you who have been wanting The Atom to shrink and wonder how it leads to the new spinoff series DC's Legends Of Tomorrow… Ray is seeing working in his lab, talking into his recorder about being able to miniaturize the nanites and how he thinks he can do it with the suit. His first attempt fails and when he opens up a compartment of the suit, a blinding white light appears (white drawf star?) and then an explosion blasting everything on the top floor of the building…

So here we have it. Felicity and Oliver are off being normal and in love. Ray gone and blew himself up. Merlyn now leads the League of Assassins. Diggle is off thinking. Black Canary and Speedy are protecting the city. Tatsu / Katana is back in her monastery. Even the flashbacks wrapped up with Oliver getting on a boat to Coast City. So other than the Damien Darhk thread things are all wrapped up. There is no more Arrow… so what will season 4 be? Oliver and Felicity in Dudes Being Dudes In Wine Country?

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