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Batman: One Bad Day: Ra's Al Ghul by Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis and Danny Miki looks at the essential dichotomy of the man, and puts Bruce Wayne on the side of the bad guy, Because this time, Ra's Al Ghul stays on a morally questionable path but a pragmatically important one As a world that[...]
Batman: Arkham City Penguin Gets His Own Figure from McFarlane Toys
The League of Assassins comes to Gotham as McFarlane Toys announces the arrival of Ra's al Ghul This version of Ra's comes to us from the award winning video game Batman: Arkham City and is part of a Solomon Grundy Build-A-Figure wave I can already hear the collectors complaining about this wave of figures as[...]
DC Comics
The legacy of the Ghuls and the Waynes, with the assassination of Ra's Al Ghul by Deathstroke (apparently) but we might be getting a little justification for all that now. Deathstroke Inc 7 As we get a look at Respawn for the first time, and a shock of recognition from Slade Wilson, in one way or another[...]
DC Comics Confirms Shadow War Batman Event With Ghul Family In 2022
Well, earlier in the month, Bleeding Cool revealed that Ra's Al Ghul would be back in in a big way to kick off  The Shadow War event, with Talia Al Ghul And in today's Gotham City Villains Anniversary Special and the Robin Annual, DC Comics confirms it Spoilers ahead. It was teased in an earlier issue[...]
Ra's Al Ghul Returns To DC Comics in 2022 For The Shadow War
And given extra fontage so that everyone noticed. Batman: Urban Legends #6 Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra's al Ghul Who hasn't been around for a bit in DC Comics continuity, rather starring in the Neal Adams' Batman Vs Ra's Al Ghul series instead He was heavily featured in Detective Comics issues #953-956 as part of the[...]
Mego Reveals Topps Two New Exclusive DC Comics Figures
Two brand new 8" figures have been revealed with Green Arrow and Ra's Al Ghul Both figures feature that classic Mego design with fabric outfits and will come in classic card back packaging Arrow will come with his trusty bow and quiver and will feature a removable hood to show off his Oliver Queen head[...]
Batman And The Outsiders #16 Review: All-Star Showings
They face the immortal eco-terrorist Ra's Al Ghul, who has acquired an energy weapon that could get him closer to his Thanos-esque goal of population reduction. The cover of Batman And The Outsiders #16 Credit: DC Comics The best parts about this issue are the star turns for Black Lightning and the erstwhile Batgirl called Orphan[...]
The dark knight detective has teamed up with a mournful mix of costumed misfits and Lady Shiva (commonly known as the world's deadliest assassin and best fighter) to chase down Ra's Al Ghul, immortal terrorist, and a weapon from space that Ra's has acquired In tow, you'll find pretty much everybody is struggling with some[...]
Batman Vs TMNT Figures Sets Coming Exclusively to Gamestop
Then finally a Ra's Al Ghul and Shredder pack in December There is also a preorder available for the whole bundle for $249.99 Each set separately will be available for $49.99 Check them all out below, and place your preorders now here. Batman Vs TMNT: Batman & Leonardo Figure 2 Pack Two leaders unite in this Batman[...]
Arrow Season 6: What Do We Think About Ricardo "The Dragon" Diaz?
But bringing in Ra's al Ghul (Matt Nable) and the League of Shadows felt off to fans who knew that they were basically borrowing a Batman storyline for the series It worked well enough to make a decent season, and Nable made a pretty good Ra's Plus it was a nice tie-in to both the[...]
We move on to find out Harvey is releasing Gordon's collar that have licenses from Penguin and Bruce discovers the writing on the dagger making him think it's a way to kill Ra's al Ghul Bruce is riddled with guilt over the death of Alex, but Alfred reminds Bruce about his vow of no killing[...]
This article contains spoilers for the Gotham episode 'A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head'. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX Last night's Gotham moved the Ra's al Ghul story along quite a bit and spent time with the Penguin. The episode opens with Bruce and Alfred visiting Dr Niles Winthrop about the dagger and we meet his grandson, Alex[...]
Gotham At NYCC 2017: The Return Of Ra's Al Ghul And Bruce Wayne's Path To Batman
The Gotham panel came with a decent amount hints, sizzles, and promises for the upcoming season of the FOX Batman-prologue. Firstly, we see the return of Ra's al Ghul (Alexander Siddig) in a teaser with the resurrected Barbara Kean (Erin Richards), former girlfriend of Jim Gordon She instructs Penguin's henchmen to send Anubis to get the knife back and[...]
And in a second clip we see Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) trying to negotiate buying a specific dagger before the auction starts, but Penguin wants to know who her mysterious benefactor is before he'll make a deal. I'm still thinking that Ra's al Ghul (Alexander Siddig) is her backer and the below image might back that[...]
Gotham season 4
We also see that Gordon is going to meet Ra's al Ghul (Alexander Siddig), but in his disguise as a 1940s archaeology professor Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) gives Bruce his bulletproof suit There will be more from Mr Freeze (Nathan Darrow), and we get out first glimpse of the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) post-snow cone[...]
Sitting in front of Baccarin is Ra's al Ghul (Siddig) Which might seem odd if you are just trying to balance between good and evil But if you look at it as a balance between order and chaos, then Riddler through Barbara are chaos, Alfred through Ra's are order and Jim, Bruce, Selina and Sofia[...]
Gotham Season 4
He told TVLine that season four is about focusing on character more than anything else namely, how Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and other established characters react to Bruce Wayne's coming of age: "Somebody who until now has been seen as a wealthy child is now seen as the emerging threat he is." As[...]
Gotham Season 4
And we'll learn about the history and mission of Ra's al Ghul. Scarecrow! Penguin! Solomon Grundy! Ra's al Ghul! The hardworking cops of the GCPD will sure have their work cut out for them when Gotham returns for it's fourth high-impact season In this #DCTV clip, we talk to some of the key cast members about[...]
Selina Gets A Whip While Gotham Burns In Newest Trailer
Bruce Wayne is under the control of Ra's al Ghul while Jim Gordon and Lee Thompkins are infected with the virus Gotham could really use Batman at this point. All this and we're supposed to get introduced to Harley Quinn… sounds like fun. Gotham season finale airs Monday at 8 PM on Fox. https://youtu.be/NeDtO0SNknU [...]
Alexander Siddig Talks About Playing Ra's al Ghul
This new behind-the-scenes video for Gotham gives us our first good look at Alexander Siddig as Ra's al Ghul and it looks like we meet him standing by the Lazarus Pit Siddig gives us an idea of how he is approaching the character and that Ra's is looking to make Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) his[...]
Gotham Is Just Crazy Now… In The Best Way Possible
Freeze, Poison Ivy, Firefly, Tigress, Talon, Mad Hatter, Catwoman, the Court of Owls, Hugo Strange and they just name dropped Ra's al Ghul Throw in the series created Fish Mooney along with the new insane Barbara Kean and the infected Lesley Thompkins and you have more villains than you can shake a batarang at. And our[...]
Ra's al Ghul Is Coming To Gotham
Turns out that year or so of learning out to type the name Ra's al Ghul (the a in al is always small) is not going to go to waster since the character is now longer an Arrow Deadline is reporting that Alexander Siddig, who has appeared in so many genre shows it may be[...]
The Comic Book History Of Talia al Ghul
This is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul (Matt Nable) and sister of Nyssa (Katrina Law) Talia has a long history in the Batman comics and has appeared in The Dark Knight Rises played by Marion Cotillard But who is she? Let's take a look at the comic book history. Talia grew up traveling the world[...]
Ra's al Ghul To Make An Appearance On Legends Of Tomorrow
In a synopsis released by the CW for the March 31st episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, we learn probably more than you want to know since we haven't seen the next episode… but needless to say that Sara Lance has reason to go see the League of Assassins in circa 1950s and meet up (for[...]
Six Important Moments From Arrow – Sins Of The Father
So instead of handing over the ring of Ra's al Ghul, he attacks and there is a war in the streets Just pause here for a moment and think of how many lives would've been saved if Oliver has simply accepted Ra's offer last year and became the Head of the Demon? 3 – Oliver's determination[...]