"There's A Revolution Happening From Within Marvel" According To Cate Blanchett

Hela is "a little bit cross," Cate Blanchett says, and has been getting more and more cross as her millennia of imprisonment have gone on.  Right.  Hela is bad for sure, but let's get down to the details from this EW interview.  Truth be told, Blanchett is so remarkably quotable here that I had a tough time deciding what to use as the headline.  But here are some highlights:

On why she took this role: "Well let's face it: as a woman, these opportunities have not in the past come up very frequently and I think there's a revolution happening from within Marvel. I've seen so many of the Marvel franchises, particularly being the mother of four. They tend to be the only type of film particularly having young boys. But for me as an actor, this is separate is my desire to work with [director] Taika Waititi."

On being the first female Thor villain to make it to the movies: "Can you believe it? Can you believe we're having this conversation and it's 2017 and we're talking about the first female villain? It's ridiculous. There's so much untapped potential villainy in women."

On being true to the comics: "You gotta know the history of the character. And there are so many iterations of the origin story. For any of these characters, there's never one origin story. But yes, it was really interesting to go back. Most of the time she was masked. So that's what I really talked to the Marvel team and Taika about was when we would chose to have her masked and when she wouldn't be masked."

"She's able to manifest weapons. Her headdress can be weapons. She can manifest weapons out of different parts of her body. I won't tell you which — I'll leave that hanging."


Much, much more from the highly-insightful Blanchett at EW.

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