A Trailer For The Netflix Original Film 'War Machine' Aims To Satirize The War In Afghanistan

war-machineThere are few genres that are harder to nail than satire. They are often misinterpreted by people who don't understand them or the work itself fails to truly address the thing it is satirizing. It's even harder to approach subject matter that is very close to home and the war in Afghanistan is about as close as we can get. That being said the prevalence of political satire to help educate people like Last Week Tonight With John Oliver or Full Frontal With Samantha Bee are evidence enough that humor cane be an easy stepping stone to enlightenment.

Netflix is going to attempt to do that with their new original movie War Machine starring Brad Pitt who appears to be channeling his character from Inglorious Bastards. Whether or not this film will work it's too early to tell but the trailer does strike an interesting tone. War Machine will appear on Netflix on May 26th.

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