Valiant Getting In On That Sweet CW Action With Dr. Mirage TV Show [UPDATED]

UPDATE 11/17/2016 9:40AM EST:

Yesterday, we reported on an upcoming Dr. Mirage show from Valiant, DMG, and The CW, which was first reported on Deadline. Today, Bleeding Cool lead rumormonger Rich Johnston reported that the deal isn't finalized yet, and the story was leaked too early. Johnston chastised me for reporting on the story yesterday without verifying it with sources, as if anyone would lie about a Dr. Mirage TV show. Regardless, as specified in my contract, I received a thirty-minute long bare bottom spanking from Dan Wickline as punishment for my actions, while Johnston watched and cheered him on.

I deserved it. And if we're being perfectly honest, I kind of enjoyed it.

However, even though the show isn't official, doesn't even have a script written, and may not actually happen if the deal doesn't go through, it has already been nominated for more than 470 awards. Immediately after the announcement last night, the show was reportedly nominated for seventeen Emmys, including noms for Outstanding Comedy and Outstanding Drama, just in case the show falls into either of those categories, as well as Outstanding Hair Styling for a Single Camera Series. Shortly afterward, Bleeding Cool commenter Joella reported that the show had been nominated for twenty People's Choice awards. Overnight, the show was reportedly nominated for hundreds of other awards, including several Oscars, a Grammy, two Tony Awards, one of each category in the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, The Pulitzer Prize, First Place in the Peoria, Illinois 8th Grade Science Fair, a Nobel Peace Prize, a Medal "For Military Valour" 1st Class from Vladimir Putin, the NCAA Women's Basketball National Championship, Grand Prize in the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes, and three WWE Slammy awards including Superstar of the Year.

Valiant properties have a history of being nominated for an incredible number of awards that is believed by industry insiders to be totally legit and not the result of ballot stuffing by Valiant interns or online vote brigading by the Valiant Fan Forums. For example, Valiant was nominated fifty times in this year's Harvey Awards, beating out every other comic book publisher by a wide margin and securing more than 30% of all nominations despite having just 1% of the market share of all U.S. comic book sales. Despite the fact that the Harvey nomination process involves online ballots that can be filled out by anyone, so long as they claim to work in the comic book industry on the form, it is clear that Valiant's 50 nominations were the result of an honest process with absolutely no evidence of foul play of any kind. When Valiant failed to actually win even a single award when the final Harvey ballots were cast, it was clear that this was because voters were split on which Valiant titles deserved to win in the categories in which multiple Valiant books were nominated, allowing other, less beloved titles by less beloved companies to pull off upsets, and not in any way, shape, or form an indication that there was anything suspicious about the original nominations.

We apologize for reporting too early on the Dr. Mirage series, both to our readers, and to Rich Johnston, to whom I solemnly promise that, any time I report something erroneously and he publicly corrects me, I will be sure issue a full and total retraction and apology just like this one. We wish Valiant the best of luck in winning all of the awards it's been nominated for, plus any new awards it's been nominated for while we were updating this article.


According to an EXXXCLUSIVE report from Deadline, The CW is looking to diversify its schedule of mostly comic book shows by adding… yet another comic book show to the lineup. This time, it's Dr. Mirage, based on the comic book from Valiant Entertainment. Produced in conjunction with Valiant's Chinese overlords at DMG Entertainment, the show "centers on a female paranormal investigator who can communicate with dead souls except the one she most wants to reach – the love of her life." Gary Dauberman has been tapped write and executive produce the show, due to both his success with the 2014 film Annabelle and the fact that he is willing to be paid in Milk Bones and Snausages.

Get it? Because his name is… oh, nevermind.

Dr. Mirage is the first TV show to be picked up from Valiant and DMG, and though it hasn't even aired yet, it's already been nominated for seventeen Emmys. Valiant also has a movie deal lined up with Sony, with Harbinger expected to be the first feature film, followed by a Bloodshot movie, and then a Harbinger Wars super-mega-crossover event film.



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