Wait, What? Recapping The Flash 1:15 – Out Of Time

By Dan Lloyd


This week's show was certainly eventful to say the least. In order to go through everything, it will be discussed through on the course of three timelines that ran throughout.

The Weather Wizard

the-flash-s1-ep16-out-of-time-preview-clip-featThe episode kicks off in the Central City morgue, where the coroner is ambushed by somebody who has a question – who shot Clyde Martin? If you will remember that earlier in the series, Barry came up against a meta human who could manipulate the weather. Well that was Clyde Martin, and it was Joe West who put two bullet holes in him and took him down. However, during the plane crash that caused Clyde to find his powers, his brother Mark was also affected and given similar powers, ones that were even potentially stronger than his younger brother's.

After shooting hail at the coroner and eventually killing him, all of Central City's finest rush to the scene of the crime. As Barry makes his way there at super speed, he sees an image of what seems like himself running alongside him. Causing obvious panic, he stops and takes in his surroundings before making his way to the crime scene. Once they reach there, they hear a recording of the coroner telling Mark Martin that Joe killed his brother; this causes everyone to want to protect their friend and colleague. Obviously Joe will have none of this and takes off to find Martin, seemingly unbothered by the whole situation, until Martin finds him.

As Barry and Joe drive through the city, the weather gets visibly worse, but when Barry turns on the radio, it is clear that Central City is in the midst of a beautiful day. Both realise what is happening, and before they know it, Martin shows up behind them to summon lightning straight from the sky, and forming a blot to go straight through Joe's sunroof. Barry sees this all happening and manages to get both himself and Joe out of the car just before it explodes.

423c9b8b9f2f49a6c92fd80bc3e287a7Back at Star Labs, Cisco invents a wand which will curtail Martin's power by sapping up any electromagnetic particles in the air, therefore eliminating the chance for Martin to control the weather at his whim. However, as he hands this to the police so they can use it if Martin shows up, Martin shows up at Police HQ. Before anybody can grab the wand, Martin sends a pulse of wind towards Joe, throwing him through the set of doors. He once again summons the lightning, this time aiming to channel it through his own body to target Joe, but at the last second, police chief David Singh pushes Joe out of the way and takes the lightning bolt himself; later in the hospital it is revealed that he may never walk again.

Joe is obviously incensed and after taking down Mark's brother, he feels like he would know how to stop this madman. After going to one of the Martin brothers' old hangouts, he finds a figure in the shadows – partner Eddie Thawne, who would not let him do this alone. They end up finding where Martin was held up, but could not find the man. Suddenly, it seems to get a bit windy in the apartment and before you know it, Joe is launched from the window.

Joe wakes up badly hurt with a broken leg. Martin gives him a talk about how when his plane crashed, every bone in his body was broken, but at least Joe gets to feel some of the pain he went through. Joe orders Martin to kill him, but Martin wants more.

Martin calls Iris while they are at the police station and tells her to come to the docks, but not to bring any police back up, or Joe will die. Barry says he will go with her, and they leave.

As they near the docks, Martin sees them through a pair of binoculars. He indicates to Joe that both her and Barry are there before creating a tsunami and sending it to shore. Barry quickly calls Cailtin among all the other events going on and is told to create a wind forcefield to mostly block the impending wave. As he is doing so, he creates a time vortex and finds himself running alongside himself once again. As he stops, he realises something – he is back where he was before, at the exact same time as before.

Not A Love Triangle, But A Love Square

Out of TimeSo in this timeline, we start out with Barry and Linda going on a bowling date. Barry boasts about his skills, while Linda seems confident about hers, that is until they are spotted by Iris and Eddie. While Barry and Iris bounce off each other and this leaves both Eddie and Linda feeling just a little left out. So much so that Eddie calls Iris out on this the next day, stating that there had been a clear change in their dynamic, and he was not okay with it.

While driving (before the lightning attack from Martin), Barry asks Joe for some relationship advice. Barry asks whether Joe's daughter Iris, who is also in a committed relationship to Joe's partner Eddie Thawne, might be feeling the same way Barry has for her, even though he is also in a relationship at the moment. Superheroes sure know how to complicate their personal lives don't they?

Back at Central City News, Linda is still reeling from their bowling double date, so when Iris asks her whether she had fun, Linda barks back and tells Iris that she should have told her that she had feelings for Barry as well. It doesn't look good for Barry and Linda.

A little while later, Barry is ordered by joe to protect Iris at all costs, as he suspects Martin might come after her to hurt him, so Barry finds her at his house as she is trying to call Joe. They talk and Iris compares Linda to a nightmare ex-girlfriend that Barry used to see. She then makes the claim that Linda isn't the right girl for him. Barry then asks her "Then who is?". The sexual tension is obviously growing between the two adopted family members. Wow, kind of awkward. They're essentially family.

After Iris is phoned by Martin, Barry accompanies her, but as he does he essentially chooses Iris over Linda, who turned up to talk at the police station. While it was obviously an urgent mission Barry was about to embark on, Linda was clearly dejected and left feeling like Barry chose Iris over her yet again. Once at the docks, Barry and Iris share a moment where she reveals that she feels the same way about him as he does for her. Then things get really interesting.

The two share a tender kiss while in the middle of an impending natural disaster – a tsunami is on the way. After a call from Caitlin, Barry realises that he needs to be The Flash to stop the storming wave, so he apologises that he has kept it from her for so long, but quickly changes into his gear and runs off.

You've Been Dead For Centuries

Now we look into the timeline of the Reverse Flash. It all stems from Central City News, where Iris is told by Mason Bridge to look into the disappearance of Simon Stagg, who Harrison Wells murdered earlier on in the series. She talks to Barry about Wells, but Barry defends him, saying that Wells is a good person and would never be involved in such a plot.

However, something causes this topic to stay on Barry's mind and he confronts Cisco and Cailtin about this, wondering if they might have any opinions on the matter. This causes Cisco to go back to his earlier conversations with Joe, who thought Wells might have had a hand in Nora Allen's murder.

A little later on, Cisco voices his concerns to Caitlin. She brushes them off, but says she will keep Wells occupied during the next morning so that Cisco can have a chance to test out a notion he has. He thinks that Wells may have messed with the forcefield the night that they trapped Reverse Flash in there, but has no conclusive proof.

So the next morning, Caitlin takes Dr. Wells out for coffee and Harrison says how nice it is to break from his morning routine. After a back and forth conversation, Caitlin goes to get their coffees in to go cups, but as she turns back around, Wells is gone and his chair is still there. Could he have figured out Cisco's plan?

Back at Star Labs, Cisco is looking into the forcefield trap that failed to catch the Reverse Flash and finds something shocking. The Reverse Flash that showed up in the forcefield was a hologram. It had the same running loop of dialogue and movements. What could this possibly mean?

Oh, hi there Dr. Wells; or should I say Eobard Thawne. Yes, Cisco has figured out everything apart from a few minute details. It turns out Eobard Thawne is from the future and is stuck in our generation while trying to regain his speed. How will he do that you might ask? Well we know it has something to do with The Flash. Also revealed is that fact that Eddie Thawne is a distant relative of Eobard, although I'm sure even Eddie does not know that little secret. Maybe he will once he finds out that Barry kissed his girlfriend.

Cisco is now obviously a mixture of worried for his life, but still full of questions after the deception of somebody he considered a confidant. He realises that Thawne killed Barry's mother, to which Thawne states that was not his intention – his intention was to kill Barry.

But now it is clear that he cannot let all of these details spill out. While people may now know that Thawne or Wells or whatever you want to call him is now the Reverse Flash, he can stop people from knowing his plan of attack. He states that he has even grown quite fond of Cisco, and that it pains him to do this, but to Thawne, he has been dead for centuries.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 5.58.26 PMThis episode will be continued next week. Find out what happens to Barry and Iris. Did he stop the tsunami? Does Cisco remain dead even though Barry has now gone back in time? Will everybody remember what has happened?

Dan Lloyd (@DRL_1990) is an aspiring writer who loves everything nerdy. He got into gaming and watching wrestling at an early age and has never looked back. He is a resident wrestling fan as well as covering some gaming and TV pieces. 

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