What I'd Love To See From A Fox TV League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

foxSo, apparently it's happening. A TV version of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen on Fox.

It will no doubt be some steampunky with the initial core cast of characters from the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic/film with maybe a few changes. Something so they don't have to show the Nautilus every week. Fin de siécle Victorian pulp characters all smooshed together for shits and giggles.

But do you know what I'd like it to be? Something completely different. Quite literally, the Fox TV League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Taking characters that Fox might possibly own the rights, recasting, and setting in the modern day. Here's just an idea.

An elderly veteran with an uncanny knack of knowing when danger is approaching, who served in the Korean War.

A thirty something stay at home mom who's handy with a stake, who goes by her middle name, Anne, these days.

Rufus, who claims to be a time traveller to the far future with an extensive knowledge of current history, though mostly about popular music.

A young child with powers of maximum destruction and invulnerability who is, inexplicably, yellow, and a talking dog called Brian. They hate each other.

Brought together by one Dana Scully, trying to find her lost partner. Who took him? Aliens? Vampires? The US military?

Each week, they find new threats. Rachel, a young woman with extraordinary sonic abilities, convinced that Rufus can tell her if she becomes a star – or alternatively, wins regionals. A young man called Malcolm who seems destined to be the President of the USA. And the Watchers, here to prevent a Galactic Civil War in the far flung future.

The Fox TV League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Come on, you'd watch an episode or two, right?

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