Wonder Woman To Have Great Or Disappointing $80 Million Opening Weekend, Depending On Your Bias

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Industry projections for Warner Bros' upcoming Wonder Woman movie hit the web this week, and depending on where you read about them, you may have a different perspective on what they mean.  For instance, if you read the story on Movie Web, you might think that the film's projected $80 million opening weekend is a good thing, according to the headline which reads "Wonder Woman Is On Track For a Big $80M Opening Weekend." Nice!

But if you read the story on ComicBook.com, in between articles about whether or not The Jersey Shore's J-Woww has posted a topless drawstring bra photo (she has) or Honey Boo Boo's weight loss details, then you would be led to believe that Wonder Woman will be something of a flop, with a headline that reads, "Wonder Woman Projected To Have Lowest DCEU Opening Weekend." Ouch!

"Box Office: Early Forecast Predicts Wonder Woman Will Have A Massive Opening Weekend" over at Comic Book Movie might raise your spirits, but "Wonder Woman On Track For Disappointing Opening Weekend" at We Got This Covered would bring you crashing back down again. What is going on?!

Well, Wonder Woman has been projected, by Box Office Pro, to make $83 million, and the website cites high awareness of the character, generally positive vibes toward the film, and a great reception to Wonder Woman's debut in Batman v. Superman as factors that could help the movie. On the other hand, the site claims that overall social media mentions is lower than other DC flicks, and points out that the negative perception of DC's last few superhero films could hurt Wonder Woman's performance.

It's true that $83 million would be lower than Batman v. Superman, which earned $166 million, Suicide Squad, which earned $133.6 million, and Man of Steel, which earned $116.6 million. Early projections for Batman v. Superman ranged from $100 to $140 million, and it over-performed. Early $125 million projections for Suicide Squad were right on the money. Man of Steel was projected for anywhere from $80 to $115 million, and ended up on the higher end. Wonder Woman could easily exceed its early expectations as well, and if Hollywood is underestimating the appeal of the first female-led superhero blockbuster, which is a strong possibility, it could blow those projections away.

An observation from our personal perspective is that more people seem excited about this movie than usual, even people who are normally negative about DC films, but that's certainly not any kind of scientific data. Wonder Woman might surprise everyone this Summer.

Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine will be in theaters on June 2.

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