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Blue Beetle Coming To Theaters August Next Year, Poster Debuts
This should be their Spider-Man, a youthful hero that should bring a level of excitement to the DCEU that quite frankly, it has never had at any point since the 60's Batman show. Blue Beetle is written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer and directed by Angel Manuel Soto, and it will be the first Latinx-starring superhero film from a major studio, which[...]
Superman: Amy Adams Unsure of Lois Lane Future, Talks Cavill’s Return
Cavill and Adams made their DCEU debuts in the 2013 Zack Snyder film and subsequently appeared in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017's Justice League, also with Snyder While the director abandoned the project in 2017 to tend to a personal matter leaving Joss Whedon to complete the original film, WB poured[...]
So it looks like the DCEU is all the rage these days when it comes to headlines, but it's still not feeling like that's a good thing It looks like Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam will be opening to some pretty impressive domestic & global box office numbers But as for reviews, well… that's a different[...]
ABRAMS arrives to the "Super 8" DVD Launch on November 22, 2011, in Beverly Hills, CA (DFree, Shutterstock.com) It's been a mixed bag when it comes to WBD and the streaming side of the DCEU We know that EP Greg Berlanti's DC's Strange Adventures is no longer moving forward, but the Finn Wittrock-starring "Green Lantern" series looks[...]
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Basically, it would be one person running plays on behalf of the DCEU across all media who would answer directly to Zaslav Since that time? Eh… things are balancing between "status quo" and 'not so good," with Dan Lin rumored to be zeroing in on the position before negotiations fell apart over what to do[...]
James Gunn on Harley Quinn Return to DCEU: "Yes" (But How & Where?)
#HarleyQuinn ❤️ pic.twitter.com/b1uP6HBx46 — James Gunn (@JamesGunn) September 11, 2022 From there, Gunn was asked if Harley Quinn would be making a return to the DCEU, to which Gunn replied a definitive… Yes. — James Gunn (@JamesGunn) September 11, 2022 Okay, so that was a pretty definitive affirmative on Gunn's part, one that seems to come from someone in the[...]
Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson Shares Posters, Trailer Tomorrow
Sure, the DCEU has crumbled completely and it sure seems like there is no saving it, but this is The Rock we are talking about If he can't save it, pretty much nobody can At least we will always have this film, and we can say the JSA graced movie screens. © 2022 Warner Bros Entertainment[...]
DC Comics To Publish Prequel Comic To Black Adam Movie
Miller and Marco Santucci focuses on Black Adam's early days on Kahndaq!" It will also introduce the DCEU version of classic DC Comic character, The Gentlemen Ghost, while the second issue will spotlight Cyclone. DC Comics is also making the comic book fully returnable, in the hopes that naturally conservative retailers will up their orders to[...]
DC Has Found Its Supergirl in Sasha Calle, Will Debut in The Flash
Another exciting character included in the movie is the live-action introduction of Supergirl, who will be played by the Daytime Emmy award-winning actress Sasha Calle, who also happens to be the first Latina incarnation to hit the DCEU. L-R: Sasha Calle getting the news that she got the role | Supergirl #39 Cover Credit: DC Comics In[...]
The next shot focuses on his chest before a dark silhouette reveal in the full-body shot as the hero (Zachary Levi) asks, "Why is it so dark?" referencing his current environment that lacks light and likely offering a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Snyderverse before adding, "Probably would have been a good idea to have one[...]
8 New High Quality Images from The Suicide Squad
As the upcoming film, The Suicide Squad gets closer to its August release in theaters and on HBO Max, there's a good amount of buzz surrounding the DCEU's next title by writer and director James Gunn. Copyright: © 2021 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc All Rights Reserved.Photo Credit: Warner Bros Pictures/™ & © DC ComicsCaption: (L-r) DAVID[...]
Mondo Music Release Of The Week: Shazam Soundtrack
This week sees the release of the soundtrack to the most fun entry into the DCEU or whatever they are calling it now, Shazam! This will be the debut vinyl release of the score by Ben Wallfisch, which will come on two colored 180-gram discs You can see the cover for the release and the[...]
MCU, DCEU –Perhaps It’s Time to Shift Strategy on Superhero Films
Disney and Warner Bros, can we have a heart-to-heart talk? I get you both have two very profitable cash cows in Marvel and DC you rely so much of your profit revenue on, especially for cinemas for the MCU and DCEU, respectively Let's face facts here: if movie theatres do recover, how long do you[...]