Moffat, Davies, Colgan, And Cornell To Novelize Doctor Who For New Target Collection

Doctor Who fans dreading the end of Steven Moffat's tenure as showrunner with the upcoming Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time, can take solace in learning that Moffat isn't quite done with Doctor Who yet! Wait, what are you doing? Are you crying?! That's not taking solace!

Okay, calm down. Moffat really is done with the show after the Christmas special. But he will be adapting his Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, as part of a new Target collection for BBC Books and Penguin House. Alongside Moffat, original NuWho showrunner Russell T. Davies will be adapting his very first episode, Rose. Meanwhile, novelist Jenny Colgan will be adapting The Christmas Invasion, the first episode of the show starring David Tennant. Paul Cornell will be adapting the upcoming Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time.

Radio Times had the scoop on this one, so head over there for more info. And be sure to check out the sneak peek at Twice Upon a Time that was released earlier today. Here's the descriptions of the books:


By Russell T Davies

The story that relaunched Doctor Who for the 21st century, novelised by show-runner Russell T Davies from his original script.

Meet the new Doctor Who classics.

"Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life!"

In a lair somewhere beneath central London, a malevolent alien intelligence is plotting the end of humanity. Shop window dummies that can move – and kill – are taking up key positions, ready to strike.

Rose Tyler, an ordinary Londoner, is working her shift in a department store, unaware that this is the most important day of her life. She's about to meet the only man who understands the true nature of the threat facing Earth, a stranger who will open her eyes to all the wonder and terror of the universe – a traveller in time and space known as the Doctor.


By Jenny T. Colgan

The Tenth Doctor's first adventure, novelised by bestselling author Jenny T Colgan

Meet the new Doctor Who classics.

Earth is under attack by power-hungry aliens. This is no time for the Doctor to be out of action.

When a British space probe is intercepted by a sinister alien vessel on the eve of Christmas, it marks the beginning of an audacious invasion of the Earth by the Sycorax – horrifying marauders from beyond the stars. Within hours, a third of humanity stands on the brink of death with not a single shot fired.

Our planet needs a champion – but the Doctor is not fit for service. He's just regenerated, delirious in a new body and a dressing gown. Forced into his battered shoes is his friend, Rose Tyler, a girl from a London council estate. Will she save the world from this nightmare before Christmas – or see it destroyed?


By Steven Moffat

The spectacular 50th anniversary episode with the iconic War Doctor, novelised by showrunner Steven Moffat from his original script

Meet the new Doctor Who classics.

When the entire universe is at stake, three different Doctors will unite to save it.

The Tenth Doctor is hunting shape-shifting Zygons in Elizabethan England. The Eleventh is investigating a rift in space-time in the present day. And one other – the man they used to be but never speak of – is fighting the Daleks in the darkest days of the Time War. Driven by demons and despair, this battle-scarred Doctor is set to take a devastating decision that will threaten the survival of the entire universe… a decision that not even a Time Lord can take alone.

On this day, the Doctor's different incarnations will come together to save the Earth… to save the universe… and to save his soul.


By Paul Cornell

The Twelfth Doctor's dramatic final adventure, novelised by Paul Cornell

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