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Is Helena Bonham Carter The New Doctor Who? Yes, We're Doing This
Clearly too big a star to be subsumed by such a role, it gets tongues wagging and the bookies added her to their lists on 100:1. Helena Bonham Carter, courtesy of Netflix Then yesterday it was announced that Helena Bonham Carter would be starring in a three-part mini-series Nolly, written by Russell T Davies, about the ins[...]
Russell T Davies' New TV Drama Nolly Stars Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter stars in Russell T Davies' new three-part drama for ITV, Nolly She plays the real-life actress Noele Gordon and the show produced by Nicola Shindler's Quay Street Productions will tell the story of the all-powerful reign, and fall from grace, of the TV star who played Meg Richardson in the ITV soap opera Crossroads, and[...]
Big Bets On Lydia West As The New Doctor Who Caused Market Crash
With the knowledge that Russell T Davies likes to cast Doctor Whos from people he has previously worked with, it appears that someone went all in, and made big bets One bookmaker pulled the book on Doctor Who, and the others followed suit Indeed, when the books did reopen in some bookies, Lydia West's name[...]
Doctor Who Always Danced Around the LGBTQ Question
A few days ago, looking at the news that Russell T Davies is returning to be the showrunner of Doctor Who from 2023 onwards, Bleeding Cool reported that the odds on the next Doctor Who to replace Jodie Whittaker and Jo Martin in the role, had dramatically shifted And that current bookmakers' favourite by far was Olly Alexander, even though[...]
Doctor Who Always Danced Around the LGBTQ Question
With the news that Russell T Davies is returning to be the showrunner of Doctor Who from 2023 onwards, the odds on the next Doctor Who to replace Jodie Whittaker and Jo Martin in the role, have dramatically shifted And the current favourite by far is Olly Alexander, even though his agent had previously denied such[...]
The Fourteenth Doctor And More Changes Coming For Doctor Who
So I've talked in some detail to them about how it's been made since it came back. "I thought Russell T Davies, and then Steven Moffat, have done a fantastic job And that's, I think, why there's still fans discovering my era Without the programme having come back in such a successful form, I think that[...]