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Lucifer's Tom Ellis and Other Future Stars Who Guested on Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of those British shows where virtually every actor who's anyone will have been guests on it at one point. The other two are Bergerac and Game of Thrones, which looked set to have employed virtually every actor in the UK before it ended. A lot of current stars were on the […]

Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor in "Doctor Who", BBC Studios

Doctor Who: BBC Looks Back on Our 9th Doctor's Greatest Hits

Finally, the BBC has put together a supercut of the 9th Doctor's best moments. The video runs just around 49 minutes long and is been released on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel. Yes, this pretty much compiles Christopher Eccleston's best moments of his one season as The Doctor. The 9th Doctor is probably the […]

DoctorWho" "Battlefield", BBC Studios

Doctor Who Battlefield: 7th Doctor Story, Now in 30 Minutes or Less!

The BBC just released the latest Doctor Who supercut: the 7th Doctor adventure "Battlefield" has been cut down to 30 minutes and uploaded to the official Doctor Who YouTube Channel. The would-be epic story for Season 26, broadcast in 1989, is one of the most ambitious and also most flawed stories in the history of […]

Doctor Who is now streaming on HBO Max, image courtesy of BBC America.

Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures All Have HBO Max Homes

Here's another thing HBO Max somehow forgot (or decided not) to tell us about: they now have Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures. That's the entire collection of the revived show, from the 2005 first series starring Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor to the 2018 11th series that introduced Jodie Whittaker as […]

Russell T. Davies to Join Penultimate "Doctor Who" Rewatch

Doctor Who Lockdown Locks In Russell T. Davies for Penultimate Rewatch

Nothing lasts forever, not even lockdowns. Doctor Who Magazine writer and BBC Radio editor Emily Cook announced today that the next Doctor Who Lockdown rewatch would be the penultimate one. So it's going to be another epic two-episode rewatch, this time of episodes "New Earth" and "Gridlock". Showrunner Russell T. Davies has already confirmed he […]

Doctor Who: Series 12 Trailer

Doctor Who Series 12 Scripts Now Available Online For Free

It feels like a million years since Series 12 of Doctor Who was on the air. That was the season where showrunner Chris Chibnall put his foot down and changed the entire history and lore of the show with a major retcon. Now, the BBC has released all the scripts of the season for free […]

The next Doctor Who Lockdown global rewatch will be "The Fires of Pompeii", image courtesy of Doctor Who Lockdown and BBC.

Doctor Who Lockdown Lines Up "The Fires of Pompeii for Next Rewatch

Once again Emily Cook, empress of the Doctor Who global lockdown rewatches, has announced the next rewatch event. "The Fires of Pompeii" rewatch will take place on Sunday, May 17th at 7 pm British Standard Time. That's 2 pm US Eastern Time. Joining the livetweet will be episode writer James Moran, producer Tracy Childs, and […]

River Song tries to explain to the Doctor on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat On That 2008 Future Doctor Everyone Missed

As if Doctor Who fans haven't already had their minds blown by the revelations from Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker's 12th series, here comes series franchise heavyweights Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat to tag-team another pretty reveal. During a dual interview between the two screenwriters for the series' monthly magazine, it was revealed that […]

Robert Shearman's Dalek was the topic of this week's Doctor Who rewatch, courtesy of BBC.

Doctor Who Writer Robert Shearman Shares Monsters That Might've Been

Doctor Who fans have had online events such as global rewatches and live-tweeting as well as creative teams behind favorite episodes releasing original content to bookend and enhance the adventures over the past few weeks to enjoy. On Thursday, Doctor Who Magazine's Emily Cook coordinated yet another: this time, a global rewatch and live-tweet of […]

Rose confronts a Dalek on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Robert Shearman, 2 Dalek Actors Join Doctor Who Global Rewatch

Emily Cook, organizer of the Doctor Who global rewatches, announced on Twitter that the next episode to get the treatment is "Dalek". This is the 2005 episode from showrunner Russell T. Davies' debut season and a major milestone. It reintroduced Daleks to a whole new generation of kids who didn't previously know about the most […]

Camille Coduri offers words of hop to Doctor Who fans, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Doctor Who: Camille Coduri, Adjoa Andoh, and Jacqueline King Post Hope

Doctor Who fans have been getting some serious help dealing with being in home lockdown and Doctor Who Monthly magazine's Emily Cook has been the main ringmaster making all of these online rewatch sessions and live-tweeting runs possible. With this weekend marking David Tennant's birthday and Sunday, April 19, marking the anniversary of Elisabeth Sladen's […]

Farewell Sarah Jane Reveals Tegan and Nyssa are a Couple, and More.

Farewell Sarah Jane Reveals Tegan and Nyssa are a Couple, and More

Russell T Davies has put together a final quarter-of-an-hour episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures in isolation The Doctor Who spinoff he created starred Elisabeth Sladen reprising her Doctor Who character from the seventies and eighties concluded with the actors' death in 2011 Today however we learned that Sarah Jane died with her too, and[...]

Russell T. Davies presents the new mini-episode "Farewell, Sarah Jane," courtesy of the BBC.

Doctor Who Scribe Russell T. Davies Pens Farewell to Our Sarah Jane

Doctor Who fans have been getting some serious help dealing with being in home lockdown and Doctor Who Monthly magazine's Emily Cook has been the main ringmaster making all of these online rewatch sessions and live-tweeting runs possible. For their part, the cast and creatives behind the series have been stepping up in a big […]

Billie Piper's Rose returns in “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End,” courtesy of BBC.

Doctor Who Weekend Rewatch Adds Tennant, Tate, Agyeman, and Barrowman

The next Doctor Who global fan rewatch event is Sunday, and it looks set to be the most epic yet. Former showrunner Russell T. Davies and director Graeme Harper will be watching and live-tweeting "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End". The two episodes are the closing episodes of Davies' run on the show. He decided […]

Jodie Whittaker's Doctor from Doctor Who Series 12, courtesy of BBC.

New Doctor Who Story Finds 13th Doctor and Companions In Isolation

Following Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Chris Chibnall, and Pete McTighe's online tales, Cornell's "The Shadow Passes" finds Jodie Whittaker's Doctor and her companions dealing with being trapped in an underground bunker for three weeks after a "Death Moon" forces our heroes and the population of the planet Calapia to seek shelter As the Doctor[...]

Suranne Jones' TARDIS meets Matt Smith for the first time in the flesh on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Neil Gaiman and Michael Sheen Join Doctor Who Weekend Rewatch

And lo, we head into the weekend with another global fan rewatch of Doctor Who. This time it's "The Doctor's Wife", the episode where The Doctor (Matt Smith) meets the physical embodiment of his TARDIS, played by Suranne Jones. It's a love story. Between a Time Lord and his TARDIS. Once again, Doctor Who Magazine […]

Sacha Dhawan stars as The Master in Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Doctor Who Series 12 Moments Exactly The Self-Care We Need Right Now

This felt inevitable. The makers of Doctor Who just released a new video. This one is a quick and cheerful compilation of the emotional, serious and happy moments of Series 12. Well, surely this is everything that's in any story, but I think they mean the cool emotional moments of the season. And yes, the […]


"Doctor Who": Steven Moffat Returning for "The Eleventh Hour" Rewatch

The Doctor Who global fan rewatches are here to stay for the foreseeable future. With at least one-third of the world in lockdown, these rewatches are a cure for fans to feel less alone. Doctor Who Magazine writer Emily Cook announced on Twitter that the next global rewatch would be the 11th Doctor's first episode […]

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"Doctor Who": All-Star Cast Joining "Vincent and the Doctor" Rewatch

The next global fan re-watch for Doctor Who is the beloved "Vincent and the Doctor" on Monday March 30th at 7 p.m. UK time (2 p.m. US Eastern Time). Richard Curtis, screenwriter of Four Weddings and A Funeral and Love, Actually, wrote the episode, which featured the Doctor and Amy meeting Vincent Van Gogh. […]

doctor who rose prequel sequel

Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Rose Prequel And Sequel

Today we got a watch-along with Russell T Davies of his first TV episode of Doctor Who, Rose With Twitter guest stars including Mark Benton and Graham Norton But better than that, we got both a prequel and a sequel The prequel was a final page of a non-existent prequel novelisation to Rose, written by[...]