New Interior Art from Sarah Kuhn and Nicole Goux's Shadow of the Batgirl at NYCC

The world of Young Adult and Middle-Grade bookstore sales is the current holy grail of comic book publishing, a market offering seemingly limitless sales potential dominated by giants like Raina Telgemeier and Dav Pilkey. DC has been making an impressive effort at breaking into that market, and at New York Comic Con Saturday, the publisher held its Super-Powered YA: DC Reads for Your #TBR Pile panel. We don't know what a hashtag TBR pile is, but it's got a hashtag so the kids definitely do, and that's all that matters.

At the panel, writer Sarah Kuhn and artist Nicole Goux showed off art from their upcoming Batgirl graphic novel, Shadow of the Batgirl. The book stars Cassie Cain in the titular role. DC sent out a press release so those of us too far away or too old to attend the panel can enjoy it too, also explaining how the book promotes neurodiversity in fiction.

Making their first public appearance as a creative team, Shadow of the Batgirl author Sarah Kuhn and artist Nicole Goux spoke in-depth about their original take on one of Gotham's City's fiercest heroines, Cassandra Cain. The discussion highlighted the importance of neurodiversity in fiction and Kuhn and Goux explained the creative process behind telling Cassandra's journey from having difficulty speaking to becoming a vocal character. Panel attendees were also treated to a first look at new artwork for the upcoming graphic novel which is slated to hit stores February 4, 2020.

Check out the art below:

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