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Channing Tatum Says Men in Black, 21 Jump Street Script is Hilarious
When it was first discussed that a 21 Jump Street crossover with Men in Black was in development, it almost sounded like it was a piece of clickbait Sure enough, the news was legitimate, and serious progress was being made to bring the two (very) separate worlds into one shared universe for a comedic spectacle. 22[...]
21 Jump Street's Rob Riggle Joins Fox's Kaitlin Olson, Leah Remini Comedy Pilot
Now comes word that Rob Riggle (The Hangover, 21 Jump Street) will be joining the pilot; executive produced by Olson, McElhenney, Rosell, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and 3 Arts' Nick Frenkel. Written by McElhenney and Rosell, the untitled comedy centers on Jean (Remini): a "patriot" who loves her country and firmly believes in everyone's right to be left[...]
Rodney Rothman To Direct And Write Female '21 Jump Street' Spinoff
Rodney Rothman, who wrote 22 Jump Street and Grudge Match and a producer for Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, has been hired to write and possibly direct the female spinoff of 21 Jump Street as reported by Deadline Hollywood The movie is about "two female cops who go undercover as students in some sort of[...]
Tuesday Trending Topics: Party Like It's 2005
 Which has little to do with anything, except 21 Jump Street's nostalgia for 2005 makes me laugh. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: A Banner Week For Comics – The New DC Logo Hits The Covers This is the first week that DC's new logo will appear on the front cover of their books. And Finally… Nightcrawler And His Other Tail Leinil[...]
Watch New "Not Safe For Work" Footage In This Clip From 21 Jump Street
We published Michael Moran's review of buddy-cops-in-high-school comedy 21 Jump Street earlier today, and he described it as "brilliantly funny … in that big daft grossout comedy action movie way that only modern Hollywood films starring Jonah Hill can be." But if you haven't yet made your mind up about whether or not to see it,[...]
21 Jump Street: The Bleeding Cool Review
What is the cutoff point for nostalgia? When does a thing start being retro? Well 21 Jump Street starts with an amusing "weren't we funny then?" flashback to 2005. 2005. Once you're over that shock 21 Jump Street works pretty well as one of those ironic-nostalgic comedy movies based on TV shows that Hollywood has been turning out[...]
Get Yourself All Set Up For 21 Jump Street
This featurette for 21 Jump Street more or less outlines the movie's first act 21 Jump Street is another one of those 'old TV shows tricked up into an ironic action comedy' jobs that Hollywood does so well. but it's a little more than that. We're not allowed to run our review until March 12th, so[...]