Yes, Halo 5's Story Matters And It's One Of The Best In The Series

I'm going to be going deep into spoilers here, so if you haven't played the game yet and have any intention to, I suggest you turn back. So, I've been fighting off the urge to write this article for a little while, because I know how it is going to come off. It could be […]

Listen To The Entire Halo 5 Soundtrack Here

The music of Halo is some of the best of any game franchise. I'm always interested to take a listen to the OST that accompanies a new release. This time up to the plate is Kazuma Jinnouchi who did some of the best music on Halo 4's soundtrack. The entire soundtrack has now been released on Soundcloud […]

Get A Recap Of All The Halos Before Halo 5's Launch

Halo 5 is just around the corner, and I'm sure there is at least a few of you who are looking to get into it, but you haven't yet played the other games. You could pick up the Master Chief Collection, but that will take ages to get through. Instead, you could just watch this […]

Nathan Fillion Wanted To Be Just A Little More Handsome In Halo 5

Nathan Fillion is going to be returning to the Haloverse very soon, when Halo 5 launches. Reprising his role of Buck, Fillion looks like he is going to have a pretty significant presence in the game, especially where the story is concerned. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fillion talked about getting scanned into the game, […]

Halo 5: Guardians Launch Trailer Goes Heavy On The Story

It really isn't long until Halo 5 is with us. That is pretty exciting to think about. In just 15 days, we'll be able to experience the next chapter in the story for Master Chief and the first for Agent Locke. To get you excited, this new new launch trailer goes deep into the story. […]

Halo 5: Guardians Install Size Is Massive

Console hard drive size has been a real sticking point for early adopters. The size of modern games is massive, and 500GB just isn't enough in a lot of cases. This is especially apparent in Halo 5's case, which has a massive file size. An early retail copy has snuck out the gate (via VG247), and […]

Halo 5 Developer Talks About The Troubled Creation Of Warzone

Warzone is the new multiplayer mode in Halo 5: Guardians that 343 are really trying to push. It's a huge 12 v 12 game mode that has Spartans squaring off against each other while NPC enemies get in on the action too. It looks neat and is taking a few ideas from MOBAs and applying […]

Halo: The Fall Of Reach Animation Gets A Trailer

Halo: The Fall of Reach is one of the most praised game novels, if not just in the Halo universe, but ever. It's one of the first things I hear recommended when I see people asking for suggestions. I suppose that is why it's not surprising that the book is seeing an animation made for […]

Halo 5: Guardians Campaign Will Be 8-12 Hours Long

Halo 5 is just around the corner now. What will likely be the Xbox One's biggest exclusive this year, is just over two weeks away now after taking three years off since the last one. The game has gone gold now too, meaning it is off to be put on discs around the world. This […]

Halo 5: Guardians' Forge Mode Oulined In New Video

Forge was a huge revelation when it was introduced in Halo 3.  The mode became of favorite of not just level creators, but also those who just wanted to mess around with the physics of the game. The mode will be returning in Halo 5 too. This new video shows the work that has been […]

Take A Look At The Construction Of Halo 5's Score In 'The Sprint'

The Sprint has been a very interesting little series surrounding the creation of Halo 5: Guardians. It actually digs quite candidly into the high pressure situations it takes to get the game made. This new video, which marks the start of Season 3, is a real treat though. It follows composer Kazuma Jinnouchi as he hops […]

Take A Look At Classic Covenant Vehicles In Halo 5

The Covenant mainstay vehicles in Halo have been largely untouched for several games. They get slight tweaks here and there, but a Banshee is a Banshee is a Banshee. A lot of them have seen somewhat of an overhaul in Halo 5 though. In a new post at Halo Waypoint, 343 show off the new […]

343 Say They Know What Is Happening In Halo Over The Next 10 Years

343 seems to know what they want to do with the Halo franchise. I really can't wait to see what they do with the series going forward too, as it is quite well documented that I adore their work on Halo 4. Halo 5: Guardians is on the horizon too, and it seems there are […]

Halo 5 Videos Show Off The Game's Narrative

I genuinely believe that Halo 4 is the best Halo story in the main line games. It personalised Master Chief in a way we hadn't seen before, utilising the best character progression to date. The lore was certainly messy, but its central thesis was sound. That is why I'm so excited to see what 343 […]

There Is No Match Voting Or Vetoing In Halo 5

Vetoing and match voting has been a bit of a staple in the Halo franchise. Giving players the choice of what game and game type they want before starting a match helps to make sure people aren't playing stuff they don't want to play. Well, that is going out the window in Halo 5. 343 […]

Unsurprisingly, Master Chief Is Keeping His Helmet On In Halo 5

One of the biggest mysteries in the Halo lore, which is a universe surrounded in mystery, is what does John 117 look like? The Master Chief has always kept his helmet on, and you might not be shocked to hear that that won't change in Halo 5. What might have tipped people off they we […]

Halo 5 Won't Launch With Big Team Battle

Big Team Battle is one of the most, if not the most popular game modes in Halo Multiplayer. The huge firefights can get pretty crazy, and you are never wanting for someone to shoot. Well, unfortunately, 343 have made the call to not include the game mode at launch. Via GameSpot, producer Josh Holmes explained […]