Halo 5 Developer Talks About The Troubled Creation Of Warzone

Halo 5 MultiplayerWarzone is the new multiplayer mode in Halo 5: Guardians that 343 are really trying to push. It's a huge 12 v 12 game mode that has Spartans squaring off against each other while NPC enemies get in on the action too. It looks neat and is taking a few ideas from MOBAs and applying them to Halo. It sounds like a neat experiment.

But it hasn't had an easy life. In fact, it really did struggle at the beginning of its inception. 343 co-founder Bonnie Ross revealed to OXM (via Games Radar) production of the mode was complicated for a long while:

Warzone was a lot more challenging than we thought. And there were points where it did not feel like it was coming together. It was a huge bet for us. I think it was pretty nerve-wracking at some points, but there was a moment several months ago where people started getting good scores back from user research.

Franchise director Frank O'Connor add more broadly:

Somebody in the production office had kinda drawn a line, saying: 'This is roughly where it will start to be fun.' If you do really good planning and production – and I think we pride ourselves on that – there shouldn't be too many crazy surprises. But it does get nerve-wracking when you're waiting for that breakthrough to happen, whether it be something as big as a mode or just specific weapon.

I really hope 343 have figured it out as everything about the mode sounds like a ton of fun. Having something new to mix up Halo multiplayer is great by me.

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