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$4.99 Vs. $3.99 Vs. $2.99 At Marvel In December
Some are those are for overlong stories such as Secret Wars #9 and Totally Awesome Hulk #1 and an Annual of two. But some are the standard size comic with a back-up strip included, such as Guardians Of Infinity, and Howard The Duck. Everything else is $3.99, aside from some titles aimed at the younger kids, which maintain[...]
More Sabrina The Teenage Witch For Your Money
Which is basically like getting two issues for $3.99. With issue # 2, I'm sure it will be all back to normal But for the first issue, well, might it put  spell on you? The new horrific Sabrina The Teenage Witch #1 is on its way Okay, she won't be the Bride Of Cthulhu like she[...]
DC Comics Holding The Line At…$3.99 Newsstand?
It is a $2.99 comic book in comic stores and the readers are grateful for that. But on the newsstand as these photos demonstrate, it is instead a $3.99 comic. This appears to be the same trick Marvel played with their newsstand comics, making them all $3.99 even when they were $2.99 instore – before withdrawing them[...]
Hawkeye #22 Jumps To $4.99 For Final Issue – Maybe It's Made Of Gold?
The word has come down that his final issue with David Aja is jumping from the original $2.99 price point of the series, past its current $3.99 to a whopping $4.99. Well, "El Dorado" does mean the golden one And it didn't do last week's Superior Spider-Man any harm, did it? But I'd expect quite a lot of[...]
The Death Of Wolverine #2, #3 And #4 Join The $4.99 Creep
These were the rather bare solicitations for September's The Death Of Wolverine from Marvel Comics. DEATH OF WOLVERINE #1 CLASSIFIED Variant and sketch covers by Joe Quesada and Alex Ross, covers by Skottie Young, Deadpool variant 9/3/2014 $4.99 DEATH OF WOLVERINE #2 CLASSIFIED 9/10/2014 $3.99 DEATH OF WOLVERINE #3 CLASSIFIED 9/17/201 $3.99 DEATH OF WOLVERINE #4 CLASSIFIED 9/24/2014 $3.99 Well, we know the creators are Charles Soule and Steve McNiven[...]
Uncanny X-Men #25 Joins The $4.99 Club
VARIANT BY PHANTOM CITY CREATIVE ORIGINAL SIN tie-in! • Xavier's greatest secret has been revealed! • Against such overwhelming power, will the X-Men succeed in holding the line? • Or will Xavier's final "gift" to his children be their undoing. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99 But just for those watching every penny, it's now been changed to a $4.99 comic… and another[...]
If You're Going To Get 65% Off Comic Subscriptions, Do It Now
The other day, Bleeding Cool ran an article on getting discount subscriptions on regular monthly comics from Marvel and DC through ebates. Well, the Magazines extra 40% discount has just been upped to 45% for its final day. So if you want your $3.99 Ultimate Spider-Man comics for $1.38 (including digital codes) within days of publication, it's[...]
Marvel – Not "All" But "Select" New Titles At $2.99
While Magneto, Captain America Hail Hydra and Wolverine & Jubilee #1s were solicited with $2.99 price points, Age Of X: Alpha, Ultimate Comics Captain America, The Thanos Imperative: Destruction, Anita Blake Circus Of Damned Ingenue, Daredevil Reborn, Orson Scott Card Speaker For Dead, Stand: No Man's Land and Casonova Gula #1s were all priced[...]
In Praise Of… The $3.99 Comic
Month by month, Marvel and DC are putting out more and more $3.99 comics instead of the recent common price point, $2.99, despite low inflation and a slight reduction in demand in light of the current economy. Sales of individual titles are sliding But to be honest, sales have been sliding, in general for quite some[...]
Internet Nerdtrum Ends Up Being Right By Accident
Back in February when the relaunch of Ultimate Spider-Man was announced, a few people on the Bendis board complained that it would probably be a $3.99 title. Bendis replied saying "i know the internet is the home of nerdtrums, but holy lord… neither this book or [Spider-Woman] is 3.99 btw." However there's many a slip 'tween creator[...]
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  (Welcome Guardian readers – check out other Marvel/Disney coverage here, here and here!) Last Thursday, Marvel's General Counsel and Executive Vice President to the Executive Office, John Turitzin told a financial audience that the price increase on a number of Marvel titles from $2.99 to $3.99 is part of an ongoing process of testing just how[...]