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Lucasfilm Deletes Fan/Collecting/Podcasting Sites Section From StarWars.com
and/or The Walt Disney Company. It is worth noting that Fan Organizations like the 501st Legion, Rancho Obi-Wan, and others are still listed This is a very sad development When they launched the new StarWars.com in 2014, two years after the Disney acquisition, many fan and collecting sites were proud to be listed there as places[...]
Layla The Star Wars Girl, The 501st Legion, And Weird Al Yankovic
 Kids can be cruel. Nicolette posted the experience on social media, putting out a call for advice on what to do. And she got it from the 501st Legion. For those that don't know, the 501st Legion describes itself as the premiere Imperial costuming community  They are Star Wars fans who have organized, with chapters all over the[...]
Winter Con: Party On
Cosplay groups such as the Empire Saber Guild and the 501st Legion were working the room and the main stage Entertainment was constant. The big star of the show were the guests One thing in common they had was their attendance at a new show in unlikely time and place really made Winter Con a win[...]