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Delilah S. Dawson and Piotr Kowalski Bring
Aaron Mahnke, creator of the Lore podcast, has dreamed up a new comic book series, and with the creative team of Delilah S Dawson, Piotr Kowalski, and Brad Simpson, IDW is bringing it to life as a five-issue mini-series in December Called Wellington, the comic introduces creature-hunting investigator, the titular Duke of Wellington. In a press[...]
Rick and Morty Fans Might Be Reading Too Much into Dan Harmon's Season 4 Tweet
Unfortunately for them? Harmon responds. Case in point: Tweeting a humorous response to Lore podcast creator Aaron Mahnke, a fan criticized Harmon on Twitter for "wasting time" online; and that the writer should "go finish the next R&M season" before making what look like a direct connection between Harmon and Game of Thrones' George R.R[...]
Lore Season 2: Amazon Renews Real Life Horror Podcast Adaptation
Aaron Mahnke's mission to prove that real life can be just as strange (and horrific) as the things we can imagine is getting some second-season help from Amazon The streaming service is giving a renewal order for Lore, the nonfiction horror-themed docu-drama anthology series based on Mahnke's podcast that explores the origins of modern myths and[...]
Podcasts 'Sword And Scale' And 'Up And Vanished' Set For Series
Following up on the critical success of their series adaptation of Aaron Mahnke's real-life horror podcast Lore, Ben Silverman's Propagate is looking to bring two more podcasts to series television: Sword and Scale and Up and Vanished.  No television or streaming partners have been announced just yet; though Up and Vanished is expected to be marketed to streaming[...]
Enter Amazon's The Museum of 'Lore'…If You Dare! (VIDEO)
Based on Aaron Mahnke's award-winning podcast that uses a "campfire/scary stories" structure to examine the dark side of human nature with non-fiction, historical accurate events that have been researched by Mahnke, Lore is set to premiere on the streaming giant on Friday, October 13, 2017. Okay…enough with the set-up…let's get to the creepy stuff! So the tour of[...]
'Lore': Amazon Releases Official Trailer For Nonfiction Horror Anthology
It would appear that Amazon Prime is on the same page with my totally subjective opinion, releasing the first official trailer for their new nonfiction horror anthology series Lore, based on Aaron Mahnke's incredibly popular podcast of the same name. Though the series won't be available until October, it's never too early to get a sneak peek[...]
'Lore': Amazon Releases Trailer, Images For Horror Podcast Adaptation
Even though most of us are still making plans for Labor Day weekend, Amazon reminded us that the "horrors" of Halloween were right around the corner with our first in-depth look at Lore, the new six-part horror anthology series based on Aaron Mahnke's award-winning and critically acclaimed podcast of the same name The streaming service[...]