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A 10 Minute Recap Of Fear the Walking Dead Season 1-4

'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5: Get Caught Up on Seasons 1-4 Here [VIDEO]

With the season 5 return of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead now only a week away, fans have been making predictions about a season that looks action-oriented while still maintaining that "pro-active hope" the last season ended on. For example, that plane we see in the trailer and key art? We're obsessed with out theory that FTWD is […]

'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5: Skybound Offers "Unique" Season 4B Recap [VIDEO]

With less than two months to go before AMC's Fear the Walking Dead returns for its fifth season, the fine folk at Skybound are offering their own rather "unique" look back at the second-half of the series' fourth season. Seems only appropriate considering the fourth season was definitely unlike any of the seasons prior – with the […]

'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5: AMC Unleashes New Action-Packed Images

With less than two months to go before AMC's Fear the Walking Dead returns for its fifth season, the cable giant continues its pre-season tease fest with the release of new action-packed images from the series' highly-anticipated return. From what we can see from the new images below – as well as the official trailer […]

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Will 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5 Prologue AMC's Rick Grimes Films?

Okay… let's start with a reminder that we already had a Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) crossover with Fear the Walking Dead. In the opener to FTWD's fourth season "What's Your Story?," Rick visits Morgan (Lennie James) to convince him to stay with Alexandria post-Saviors – but since there was a fourth season of FTWD with […]

'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5 Sets U.K. Premiere Date; U.S. East Coast Simulcast

Another interesting bit of AMC Fear the Walking Dead-related news to come crawling out of WonderCon 2019 was the announcement that the series' upcoming season 5 will be simulcast with AMC's U.S. east coast feed (and repeated later that same day). Customers of British Telecom's BT TV will have exclusive viewing rights through the AMC […]

'Fear the Walking Dead' Producers, AMC Settle Melvin Smith Copyright Lawsuit

It would appear that AMC and the producers from Fear the Walking Dead have avoided a fate that could've proved costlier than a tidal wave of walkers, with both sides in comics creator Melvin Smith's copyright lawsuit striking a deal to have the lawsuit dismissed. While no details on a settlement were revealed, Deadline Hollywood […]