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ABC Expands Good Morning America to 3 Hours; The Chew Given Last Meal
Credit: ABC Apparently, ABC News wants our mornings lasting just a wee bit longer with word that Good Morning America would be expanding to three hours; with the new third hour airing at 1 p.m ET, 12 p.m CT/PT Although information on the hour's title and anchors will be released over the next several months, the[...]
star wars last jedi box office
Despite its highly polarizing fan reception, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a grand turning point in a franchise that's grown with its viewers over the past 40 years.  For better or worse, Rian Johnson helmed a fascinating entry into the series, and the DVD/Blu-ray release for Episode IIX is right around the corner. Writer/Director Rian Johnson on[...]
Stormtroopers In The White House
In this clip from ABC News, two The First Order Stormtroopers flanked Josh Earnest, President Barrack Obama's press secretary The President had addressed the media but ended the press conference by saying he was off to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens… then Earnest came in to answer any follow up questions with his two[...]
ABC Reports Avengers Vs X-Men As News
ABC News talks to Jason Aaron and Brian Bendis about Avengers Vs X-Men And we get a little bit of new art… that you might need to squint at to read Anyone? Anyone? Oh and MTV are doing the behind-the-scenes-of-AVX documentary…. Told you this was coming ABC News talks to Jason Aaron and Brian Bendis[...]
Columbia Police Ask Masked Superhero, The Viper, To Give It Up
And in this ABC News report, he tells the reported that he has been "confined to his headquarters." For now… In Columbia, wearing a mask is illegal.  Not that this has stopped Columbia's crimefighter The Viper wearing a full body black and green body costume and patrolling the streets. And so the police have asked him,[...]