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Trigger Warning For Skybound Presents Afterschool Abortion Issue
Skybound Entertainment will match that donation as part of its ongoing donations to organizations that support reproductive rights including Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, The Center for Reproductive Rights, and the National Abortion Federation Reproductive rights and bodily autonomy are indelible and fundamental human rights, and they are essential to the well-being of all people[...]
The Orville: Seth MacFarlane on Abortion, LGBT Stories Timing & More
In the episode "Gently Falling Rain," a couple of themes that emerged were insurrection (as hearings are being held by the January 6th Committee about the attack on the US Capitol) and abortion (in light of the recent SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe V Wade) MacFarlane spoke with TV Line about the relevance of the[...]
harley quinn
Supreme Court opening the door for states to start banning abortions… people are defending the Joker and Harley Quinn?! Here's the background on it: one argument being used by those in favor of treating women as second-class citizens is that there are always couples out there who are willing to adopt so abortion isn't necessary[...]
howard stern
Wade and, thus, killing federal protection for abortion & abortion services "I said to [Stern's co-host] Robin [Quivers], and I hate to say this, but, but I said to her, 'I'm actually gonna probably have to run for president now,'" Stern said "The problem with most presidents is they have too big of an agenda[...]
Scholastic Editor Calls For YA Books & Graphic Novels About Abortion
There is a lot of discussion online regarding the US Supreme Court's decision to overturn the Roe Vs Wade legal precedent that legalised abortion across the USA, with a number of states looking to instantly enact legislation to ban all abortions, in some cases of rape and incest, or when the mother's own life is[...]
Comics Industry Reacts To The US Supreme Court on Roe v Wade
It showed that the court was planning to reverse the world-famous Roe v Wade decision from 1973 that legalised abortion nationwide The original ruling stated that a woman's right to have an abortion was protected by the US Constitution and could not be limited by state laws But if this draft stands as the opinion[...]
Tripwire Interactive Under Fire After Head Supports Taxes Abortion Bill
Over the weekend, the company's former president John Gibson took to Twitter and posted his support toward the new Texas abortion law and the Supreme Court decision not to block it The comments received a ton of outrage online and cost the company contracts with Shipwright Studios However, by Monday evening, it was announced the[...]
Tripwire Interactive Under Fire After Head Supports Taxes Abortion Bill
Tripwire Interactive is under fire this evening as the president of the company has come out in favor of the controversial Texas abortion law If you're not familiar with the story by now, Texas recently passed a brand new law this past week, banning most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy The law was put[...]
"The Walking Dead": AMC's Sarah Barnett Comments on Georgia Abortion Ban
Following up on the company's statement that it will "reevaluate" its presence in the state if Georgia's new abortion law goes into effect, AMC Entertainment Networks boss Sarah Barnett offered her thoughts on moving The Walking Dead and how she sees the matter as a civil rights issue during an interview the Banff World Media[...]
Those Doonesbury Strips – And Reactions – In Full
As the week's controversial Doonesbury strips get leaked in full (find it in colour here), a number of newspapers have been reconsidering their reaction to drop the strip this week. The Des Moines Register reports; This week's series of Doonesbury comic strips — they deal with a woman's visit to a Texas abortion clinic — will appear[...]
Buffy And Abortion
I'm sure there's plenty of supernatural oddness to come. But more controversially, the comic explores her decision to have an abortion. The preview that USA Today show isn't that reflective of the whole issue however, the article talks about the decision process In the comic, we see Buffy talking to her friends, and indeed the child of[...]
Pro-Choice Comic To Target Pro-Life Truck
In Calgary, Canada, there is a pro-life group, The Canadian Centre For Bio Ethical Reform, that drives around a truck with the images of a post-abortion fetus on the side. Now a protest group to that protest group, the Calgary Pro-Choice Soalition have fought truck with comic. Think, created by local artists Sasha Cameron and Ben Rankel,[...]