Mark Hamill's Right: Harley Quinn and Joker Would Be Lousy Parents

Okay, this wasn't exactly the Harley Quinn-related article we were expecting to write this weekend but… you know… these are the times we live in, kids! What "times" are those? Well, we've gotten to the point right now that when Geek Icon Mark Hamill posts an image of the Joker and Harley Quinn as examples of lousy parents looking to adopt to make a point about the activist U.S. Supreme Court opening the door for states to start banning abortions… people are defending the Joker and Harley Quinn?! Here's the background on it: one argument being used by those in favor of treating women as second-class citizens is that there are always couples out there who are willing to adopt so abortion isn't necessary. Now, there aren't enough words in existence to shred that painfully ignorant stance into tiny little ribbons because it's a mess on oh-so-many levels, but perhaps the biggest "joke" in all of it is the folks who are getting in front of the camera as examples of the "fine folks" willing to step up and "Mommie Dearest" their lives. To be blunt, I wouldn't trust them to raise by Bob Ross Chia Pet let alone a human being (no disrespect & nothing but love for the late Bob Ross and Chia Pets).

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But that's not how the folks looking to appease their god and their own selfish sense of morality see it. Oh, no! Mark Hamill is insulting the institution of adoption and those who want to adopt babies! Except he's not. The genius who's voiced the Joker for close to three decades is offering his expert opinion that the Joker and (considering her backstory and their track record together) Harley Quinn would be two of the last people to ever entrust a child's care to. Which begs the question. If you need to defend characters like the Joker and Harley Quinn as parents to defend your religion's position, then what kind of god are you serving? Here's a look at Hamill's "controversial" tweet from Saturday that resulted in a lot of folks feeling the need to go public with their "pro-sh***y parents" position:

Last week, we got the first official teaser covering a whole ton of ground, and here's what you need to know. The mayhem and madness continue in season three of this biting and uproarious adult animated comedy series. Wrapping up their "Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour," Harley (Cuoco) and Ivy (Bell) return to Gotham as the new power couple of DC villainy. Along with their ragtag crew – King Shark (Ron Funches), Clayface (Alan Tudyk), and Frank the Plant (JB Smoove) – "Harlivy" strives to become the best version of themselves while also working towards Ivy's long-desired plan of transforming Gotham into an Eden paradise. Looking for a Batman/Catwoman oral sex joke? Looking to watch an animated James Gunn enjoy himself a little too much on a Clayface chair? How about the Court of Owls going all Eyes Wide shut? All of that is waiting for you when the series arrives on July 28th with the first three episodes- and a preview of it is waiting for you below:

Co-Executive Producer Jennifer Coyle offered some additional intel and more during a session at the Annecy Intl. Animation Film Festival earlier this month (first reported exclusively by Variety). Posting some first-look art from the season, Coyle shared that Season 3 picks up where the second season ended: Harley & Ivy are together, and it would appear the preview image above is from their unofficial honeymoon. But Coyle teased that their honeymoon will be anything but quiet. In another image, it was shown that Batman and Harley will be meeting back up. In addition, viewers can expect new characters, "twists and turns" and that the season will "take audiences to places and show things you don't see anywhere else." Following an image of what appeared to be an S&M bar with a man having his bare bottom spanked, Coyle commented, "Here, Commissioner Gordon finds himself in a very weird place."

Along with Cuoco & Bell, HBO Max's Harley Quinn also stars Alan Tudyk (Doom Patrol) as The Joker, Ron Funches (Powerless) as Nanaue / King Shark, JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm) as Frank the Plant, Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) as Sy Borgman, and Wanda Sykes (Black-ish) as Tsaritsa / Queen of Fables. Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) as Lex Luthor, Natalie Morales (Bojack Horseman), Jim Rash (Community) as Edward Nygma / Riddler, Rahul Kohli (iZombie) as Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow, Diedrich Bader (Veep) as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Tony Hale (Veep) as Dr. Edgar Cizko / Doctor Psycho, Christopher Meloni (Happy!) as Commissioner Jim Gordon, and Sanaa Lathan (Native Son) as Selina Kyle / Catwoman also star. This season, What We Do in the Shadows star Harvey Guillén joins the cast as the voice of Dick Grayson aka Nightwing.

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