Wonder Woman #53 Review: Good Art and Solid Scripting

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Wonder Woman, Aztek, and Artemis have found Atalanta but now must face even more of the creatures that serve Tezcatlipoca in the Thirteen Heavens. The shadow god has done much to damage the Thirteen Heavens, including killing Quetzalcoatl. Diana, Artemis, and Aztek will have to face Tezcatlipoca himself should they wish to save the mortal world and Thirteen Heavens.

Wonder Woman #53 cover by David Yardin
Wonder Woman #53 cover by David Yardin

Wonder Woman #53 concludes the story with Aztek and Artemis, having the three women from disparate cultures unite in service of defeating an evil god.

Much of the story is driven by Aztek, as she is the one with the expertise in this scenario. Diana follows her implicitly, while Artemis, hard-headed as she is, wants to lead with her axe and think with her muscles.

Atalanta serves a surprisingly minor role in the main thrust of the book, being left behind to heal in the journey to Thirteen Heavens and only popping up again at the end when she, Diana, and Artemis journey to find the Bana-Mighdall.

Wonder Woman #53 art by ACO, David Lorenzo, and Romulo Fajardo Jr,
Wonder Woman #53 art by ACO, David Lorenzo, and Romulo Fajardo Jr,

ACO and Hugo Petrus deliver the artwork for this one, with ACO taking the majority of the book. Neither artist disappoints, with ACO providing a good 3-D rendered aesthetic and Petrus a more traditional look for the big fight. David Lorenzo inks for ACO and makes the aesthetic more impactful as a result. Romulo Fajardo Jr. once again provides the color art for this title, and he strikes a bombastic and bright color balance for this otherworldly story.

In the end, Wonder Woman #52 mostly provides fun and camaraderie in the form of a battle against a dark god. It's not especially brilliant in terms of narrative, but it is a solid read nonetheless. The artistic team backs up Steve Orlando's functional script with a display of great graphic art, and the book earns itself a recommendation. Feel free to check it out.

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