Astonishing X-Men To Have New Artist For Each Issue, To The Chagrin Of Declan Shalvey


Earlier this month, when Marvel revealed that their new X-Force book by Charles Soule will be called Astonishing X-Men, readers were forced to assume that either the book would have a rotating art team, or the art would materialize fully formed out of thin air by sheer force of willpower, since no artists were announced for the title. Well, Marvel has confirmed that the former case is what's actually happening, and, in fact, each issue of the book will have a new artist. Jim Cheung will draw the first issue, with subsequent issues to feature Ron Garney, ACO, Phil Noto, Greg Land, and Ramon Rosanos with "more artists yet to be revealed." It could even be you! Who knows?! Marvel is still figuring this out.

"The threat facing our heroes touches on all corners of the X-Men mythology," said Marvel Editor-in-Chief in a press release.  "So each issue — illustrated by a superstar artist — will dig deep into one of your favorite pieces of X-Men lore, with some eye-popping surprises along the way.  The last page of issue one definitely qualifies as one of those, and it's bound to make X-Men fans very happy."

Well, hashtag not all fans. Because superstar artist Declan Shalvey doesn't seem too happy about the news on Twitter:

Oh, snap.

Superstar writer and star of the upcoming film Jumanji, Kieron Gillen, disagrees:

The debate is sure to rage on all the way until the next big X-reboot, which we assume will be announced in about three months. What are your thoughts? Post in the comments below.

Astonishing X-Force hits stores in July.

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